Second Sight Publishing LLC, is proud to announce that they are expanding their reach to the Canadian comic book market by signing a non exclusive deal with Canadian Distributor Universal. Second Sight Publishing and all of its sub-lines ( Second Sight Present, Playground.) will be available on Universal platform this fall.

“We are happy to be teaming with the fine folks at Universal and the numerous Canadian comic book shops they distribute to. Our great fans in Canada now have the chance to get our amazing titles without paying high shipping prices. “ Bradley Golden, President of Second Sight Publishing.

Universal has been distributing to hobby stores in Canada for over 30 years, servicing the needs of retailers in comics, collectible toys & figurines, sports and non-sports cards, collectible card games, and role-playing games.

Second Sight Publishing launched on May, 5 2020, during the pandemic and have stayed the course, delivering excellent horror titles that hearken back to the early years of slashers and thrillers. Second Sight Publishing has over 40 titles published or slated to be published in the future.

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