SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING is working overtime these days. They’re burning the midnight oil, the candle at both ends, putting their noses to the grindstone and whatever else you can say to represent the amount of effort that has gone into making 2022 their best year ever! Their newest signing is a six issue limited series that was originally thought up by a comics rookie in 50-year-old Chicago O’Hare Airport police officer, Nick Goodwin.  MONSTERS & MIDWAYS had been in his head for years until he mentioned it to his neighbor and friend, Chuck Satterlee as Satterlee discussed a return to comics after a decade away.

“Nick and I were having Beers one evening and as a lot of friends of comic book creators do, Nick said those words that start with… You know what would make a good comic…” said Satterlee a writer who will also be bringing a series called NO OTHER GODS to SECOND SIGHT in 2022. “Most of the time, as a comic creator, you smile and nod to your friend or family member because, well… they don’t get comics. But Nick’s idea… there was absolutely something there and all it needed was some work! We got to the business of fine tuning it almost immediately. Nick has a sick mind that the industry is going to get a load of very soon.”

In Monsters & Midways, A down on his luck heavy metal guitarist in 1976 Chicago hasn’t gotten very far with his songs about elves and wizards and dark magic. Let’s see how he does with the real thing. M&M has magic and wizards and barbarians and elves and monsters and is simply a good old-fashioned fun comic book tale set in a time and place both Goodwin and Satterlee know well… the Chicago of their childhoods. Another way to think of MONSTERS & MIDWAYS is to take a cover of heavy metal magazine and a cover of Savage Sword of Conan. Shred both, pack them in a bowl and smoke them. That’s MONSTERS & MIDWAYS! Essentially, an ancient wizard with a lack of people skills teams up with a magic weapon maker and a brand new Barbarian in order to stop an evil wizard from mixing dark magic and nuclear energy… and with it, the end of the world as we know it.    

“Barbarians and magic? Those are my jams!” stated Bradley Golden, SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING’s founder and CEO. “When we first saw the proposal from the creative team, it didn’t take us long. The story was fantastic, and Jeremy Megert’s art was off the hook. We offered the green light to the guys quickly. Monsters & Midways is going to be an excellent addition to our 2022 slate of titles.”

Golden was referring to Jeremy Megert, a Dallas Texas native who, for the past few months may have been physically living in Texas but has spent most of his time at his drawing board in the 1970’s in the Windy City. He is handling both the penciling and inking chores for the series. In addition to the covers and interiors by Megert, Readers of the series will also see variant covers by industry legends, Phil Hester (Justice League, FAMILY TREE), Tyler Walpole (Magic The Gathering) & Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night).


MONSTERS & MIDWAYS is co-created by Chuck Satterlee (Co-Writer: Of Bitter Souls, Smoke & Mirror, Kong: King of Skull island & Thirteen Steps) & Nick Goodwin (co-writer) & Jeremy Megert (Artist). The series will be colored by Mickey Clausen (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and lettered by industry legend, Tom Orzechowski. (Spawn, X-Men and just about everything else) 

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