Second Sight Publishing expanding office to Florida and hire new Director of Marketing and Relations.

Second sight publishing has been in the mainstream distribution for as little as two years, but they have become loved by indie creators around the world for their willingness to give creators with a unique voice a chance to get their work seen by the masses have opened up a new office located in Lakeland, Florida.

“This was an obvious choice for us to open another office there in Florida as it gives us a larger reach in a bigger city than what we have here in Mississippi. They have Orlando, Tampa Bay, ect., cities in that surrounding area. “ CEO Bradley Golden states. “Marcus H. Roberts, our COO, will be handling the distribution duties at that facility. Any retailers that don’t have a diamond account will be able to purchase titles directly from Marcus at our Florida location.”

SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING have also hired a new Director of Marketing and Relations. Chuck Satterlee, whom have worked for Marvel, and Markosia, will have the duties of contacting retailers and educating them about everything that is SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING. Chuck will also be seeking license deals from all TV and Movie studios.

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