On April 29th, 2021, COO of SECOND SIGHT PUBLISHING, Marcus Roberts, donated 1000 comic books to the Polk County School System. Stacy Davis, representing the Polk County School System was excited to receive such a large donation.  Marcus Roberts states, “We at Second Sight Publishing strive to provide entertaining readership to kids of all ages.” He goes on to say, “We welcome the opportunity to provide an alternative reading source to help strengthen the reading skills of students.”

Stacy Davis, Senior Coordinator of Library Services commented, “We are extremely pleased that Second Sight Publishing would give us such a great donation as we are always looking to add quality books to our alternate reading list.” Marcus Roberts also said that the two titles that were donated, Book of Lyaxia and Lady Freedom are significant in that the creators both reside in Florida.

The books will be distributed throughout the school library system and used throughout the summer program. An excited Ceo, Bradley Golden, stated, “It is an honor to donate titles created by local talent such as Larry Jarrell and Aron Pohara. Aron Pohara lives in Tampa, and Larry Jarrell reside in Orlando.”

Check out Second Sight Publishing in their titles at You can also locate your nearest local comic book store and order Book of lyaxia and Lady Freedom along with all of thier other titles.

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