SDCC Panel Recaps: Dawn of DC and Knight Terrors

The Dawn of DC is rising but the Knight is full of Terrors. This Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, DC hosted two panels discussing the Dawn of DC comic book storytelling initiative and the “Knight Terrors” comic book summer horror crossover event.

This year, DC launched the Dawn of DC, a year-long storytelling initiative following the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and Lazarus Planet. With epic new storylines, over 20 exciting new titles, DC’s Super-Heroes are being pushed to their limits in bold adventures by the best in the business. With this initiative, DC is not just celebrating classic characters but also is embracing the next generation of Super-Heroes and Super-Villains. It’s a great entry point for any reader to jump into the action, and also for fans to experience new stories about their favorite characters.

Now that DC is about halfway through the initiative, some of the superstar talent that has created these epic new series shared about their experiences with moderator DC Executive Editor Ben Abernathy, including: Joshua Williamson (SupermanGreen ArrowBatman and Robin), Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott (Titans), Joanne Starer (Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville), Josh Trujillo (Blue Beetle) Ram V (The Vigil), and Tom King (Wonder WomanThe Penguin). The creators discussed the inspiration behind their Dawn of DC comic books, an update on what’s going on in their stories, a peek into how each project connects to the larger Dawn of DC storytelling initiative, with a tease of what’s to come in the next couple of months and a look at upcoming covers and preview pages.

Comic-Con fans were treated to more behind the scenes details on “Knight Terrors,” the most horrifying part of DC’s year-long initiative. DC Executive Editor Ben Abernathy led a lively discussion with more of the talented storytellers contributing to this must-read event. Abernathy was joined by Dawn of DC/Knight Terrors “showrunner” Joshua Williamson (Knight TerrorsKnight Terrors: SupermanKnight Terrors: BatmanKnight Terrors: Night’s End), Josie Campbell (Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman), Tini Howard (Knight Terrors: CatwomanKnight Terrors: Harley Quinn), Dennis Culver (Knight Terrors: ZatannaUnstoppable Doom Patrol), and Jeremy Adams (Knight Terrors: Green Lantern) for a deep dive into their tie-in titles, dissecting these Super Heroes’ and Super-Villains’ greatest nightmares, and how the events of “Knight Terrors” will impact their series moving forward.

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