SDCC – Neil Gaiman Panel/Film Preview

The Grave of Saint Oran
Directed by Jim Batt
Written and Narrated by Neil Gaiman
Panel + Screening at San Diego Comic Con
July 23, 2022
Followed by International Multi-Platform Release
 Two weeks prior to Neil Gaiman’s highly anticipated “Sandman” series on Netflix
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with Director Jim Batt.

“He will touch you, he will taste you, he will leave his words inside you – God is not what you imagine, nor is hell, and nor is heaven.”

Master storyteller Neil Gaiman narrates this strange tale of saintly murder and the dark history behind the chapel on the island of Iona. The story is brought to life by two time Emmy-nominated director Jim Batt with beautifully illustrated paper cutouts, meticulously animated using stopmotion techniques and in-camera visual effects

The Grave of Saint Oran is a short stopmotion animation, beautifully illustrated with paper cutouts meticulously hand animated frame by frame. Based on a mix of legend and history of the small Scottish island of Iona, the film weaves a path back and forth between the real and the imagined, through time, history, and our eternal efforts to grasp at the deeper mysteries of the unknown. It tells the tale of two saints who sail to the island of Iona, and attempt to build a chapel. However, things don’t go smoothly and the ritual murder of one saint by the other begins a chain of events that brings into question everything they believe in.

TRT: 8 minutes 30 seconds
Language: English
Genre: Animation, Drama, Horror, Fantasy
Technique: Stopmotion Animation, Paper Cutout
Production: Australian / USA
Adapted From: In Reilig Odhrain by Neil Gaiman
SDCC Panel Info:
A behind the scenes look at Neil Gaiman’s collaborations with filmmakers and artists.
July 23 – Location/Time to be released shortly
Panelists include:
Director Jim Batt, Animator Josh Mahan – The Grave of Saint Oran
Cat Mihos – Co-Founder and Vice President, The Blank Corporation
Paul Roman Martinez – Comic Book Artist/Neil Gaiman’s A Calendar of Tales
David Mack – Artist/Author, Cover Artist/ Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

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