SDCC: Comics Arts Conference #5: Look for the Union Label 

Comics Arts Conference #5: Look for the Union Label (51:52, 118mb)
Presenters were Fred Jacob and Richard Graham. Richard spoke about the history of educational comics done for the government. He spoke about how George Gallop (famous for the Gallop poll) researched newspapers and found that the section that was most read by adults was the comic page. He also spoke about the many famous cartoonists that did work for the government comics, including Dr. Suess, Milton Caniff, Walt Disney, Neal Adams, Will Eisner, Denis Kitchen and more. He spotlighted the Harry S. Truman comic and Grenada done for the CIA. He spoke of the Malcolm Ater Collection being online for everyone to read these comics for free. Fred talked about Comics and the Labour movement, both in terms of comic stories in favor of Unions and the backlash against Unions also done through comics.

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