SDCC (audio): Will Eisner: Mentor and Friend

Denis Kitcken was joined by Danny Fingeroth. Denis started talking about
his first meeting Will Eisner. He then spoke about Will’s early work.
They both spoke about how water was a theme in Will’s work and how
Harvey Kurtzman came up with a term for it. They discussed Will’s work
for the Army, his educational and commercial work, his contributions to
the underground, A Contract with God, the term Graphic Novel, his
autobiographical books The Dreamer and The Heart of the Storm, how Will
planned the pages and not using standard layouts. Danny questioned why
Eisner and Kitchen connected despite their differences, Will’s reaction
to the first underground comic he saw. They also discussed Will’s
relationship with Jack Kirby & Harvey Kurtzman and that Stan Lee once
offered Will the job of EIC of Marvel.

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