SDCC (audio): Comics Arts Conference #5: Lassoing the Truth: Marston vs Wertham in the Wonder Woman War

After a brief introduction by Kate McClancy, the panel moderated by
Travis Langley consisted of Christie Marston, Phil Jimenez, Alan
Kistler, Trina Robbins, Dr. Mara Wood, Mike Madrid, Danny Fingeroth and
Andy Mangels. They started out describing the differences between the
Martson’s and Wertham’s disciplines. They cleared up what Marston did
and did not invent in terms of the Lie Detector Test and its impact on
the court system. The group discussed the mythological aspects of Wonder
Woman’s origins, Harry G. Peter, Marston’s book The Emotions of Normal
People, what Marston was saying about bondage, Wertham’s view of Wonder
Woman as a lesbian Batman, The Comics Code effect on Wonder Woman
comics, Wertham’s psychoanalysis on Pop Culture, Jill Lepore’s book on
Wonder Woman and the problems with it.

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