Scout Comics to Publish Fan-Favorite Webcomic RANGER STRANGER This November

Scout Comics to Publish Fan-Favorite Webcomic  This November

A deranged forest ranger is left in charge of the country’s last national park.

Ranger Stranger is a gallows comedy set in the fictional wilderness of Hackaneck National Park. A vast BobRossian world of woods and waters for the adventurous hiker or camper to enjoy. Unfortunately, everything—from the wild flowers, to the homicidal deer, to the park official—wants to murder you.
Enjoy your visit!

Writers: Adam Battaglia (The Salerno Aluminum Comedy Hour / No, therefore / The Happiest Hobo) & Tyler Jensen

Art & Lettering: Tyler Jensen (Sharkmaids / Welcome Friendo / The Incontinent Astronaut) Creative Consultant: Roque Deherrera

Tyler Jensen is a Cannes Lion finalist, Lürzer’s Archive Official Selection, and Kiroku Sakowa Award winner for Art Direction. But his proudest achievement came as political cartoonist of his college newspaper, where he generated more hate mail than anyone else since the newspaper’s inception (1865).

Adam Battaglia is a comedy writer, avid outdoorsman, and provocative sartorialist. He has thought about doing stand-up, and it’s the thought that counts.

Roque Deherrera spent a year hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail from Mexico to Canada and is our foremost expert on the outdoors, answering all manner of technical questions, like “is this a funny mushroom or a killy mushroom?”



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