(W) Eric Palicki (A) Wendell Cavalcanti
Lovecraft meets Leone in a modern tale of corruption, family legacies, and nightmarish dread. The monsters tormenting Atlantis County have revealed themselves, and Lucas Lewis sets in motion his plan to rid the town of their scourge forever. Too bad for Lucas, the town of Atlantis has yet to give up all its secrets, and do its citizens even want to be saved?
In Shops: Oct 14, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Sheldon Allen (A) Karl Mostert
When a rogue telepath begins hijacking unsuspecting minds and bodies to commit vicious crimes, crooked Detective Annie Brunson is charged with cracking the case with her new straight laced telepathic partner, Faith Jones. Set among a backdrop of urban decay, exotic aliens, robots, and genetic mutations. In this city, there are no good guys. There are no bad guys. There are only survivors.
In Shops: Oct 14, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Joseph Schmalke, Rich Woodall (A) Walt Ostlie, Paul Pelletier
Black Caravan imprint. From the dark world of The Electric Black comes a series focusing on some of its more sinister residents. Come inside dear reader for two chilling tales of cosmic horror, madness, and wartime revenge hosted by The Electric Black’s proprietor, Julius Black. Our first chilling story introduces us to a member of the inquisition following a trail of death through the Black Plague ravaged France that brings Julius face to face with an unexpected visitor from outside time and space. Our next haunting tale takes us to the heated jungles of Vietnam where a genetically engineered monster is created and pushed to the very edge of sanity.
In Shops: Oct 21, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Max Hoven, Aaron Crow (A) Gabriel Lumazark
When Kenny finally discovers what’s in the attic, he’s nearly eaten until Francois steps in to save him. Unfortunately, Francois’ efforts to keep Kenny alive put her own life in danger. With a rush of adrenaline, Kenny attempts to flee the house with Francois, but she’s in no mood for saving. In an emotional conclusion, Francois reveals exactly what she’s hiding and why she’s hiding it. How far back does this mystery go? Will Kenny and Francois make it out alive?
In Shops: Oct 28, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe (A/CA) Walt Ostlie
Special NONSTOP! Imprint trade paperback! The last we saw of Metalshark Bro, dude was transformed back into a regular shark that swam off into the sunset. It was a classic revenge mission: he killed A lot of people, got the giant floating eyeball, ate a lot of grub, and defeated Satan’s nephew. Unfortunately, this victory was short-lived. A demon hamster kidnapped his bestie, so now he’s forced out of his sharky-sabbatical to fight off Cthulhu dudes, mutant alligators, magic demons, and his own aggression.
In Shops: Oct 21, 2020
SRP: $15.99

(W) James Pruett (A/CA) Scott Van Domelen
Jennifer, Elita, and Alejandra have completed their long trek to Orlando, the city where dreams come true, but they discover that it is no longer the happy place they remember from their childhood. They find themselves following the caravans of captured children into the gates of Camelot, once the largest amusement park in this vacation destination city. But how can they get into this heavily-fortified invaders’ headquarters and rescue the “salvation” children? Finally, the truth is revealed as to why hundreds, if not thousands, of children have been hunted and captured by the creatures that are rapidly replacing humans.
In Shops: Oct 07, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Peter Goral (A) Joseph Schmalke
Black Caravan imprint. For uncounted millennia, the Cryptocrystalline Stone remained lost to the blackness of space, hidden amongst the stars. As time passed, the galaxy slipped into greater peril. Thousands of systems fell and worlds crumbled. Dark and ominous beings conspire from the shadows to possess its unlimited power and ability to resurrect a legion of deathless warriors. From the vastness of the unknown regions, whispers of his return paralyzed all in fear: Phantom Starkiller, The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior must now unleash his inner darkness to carry out his master’s wishes, all while plotting his revenge; for he cannot stop his interstellar rampage until The Curse of The Cryptocrystalline Stone has been broken!
In Shops: Oct 21, 2020
SRP: $3.99

(W) Saif A. Ahmed (A) Fabiana Mascolo
Yasmeen finds a ray of light in her friendship with the three Yazidi girls that are captured with her. But that little happiness gets shattered when Abu Assem decides to sell one of the girls. Now that it’s a matter of time for them to be sold one by one, Yasmeen and her friends decide it’s time to escape. While two years later in America, Yasmeen’s angry outburst has caused tension between her and her father.
In Shops: Oct 14, 2020
SRP: $3.99

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