Sci-fi sagas and supernatural thrillers, nannies gone bad and shocking futures – plus the return of a 2000 AD legend – 2000 AD Prog 2250 is ideal for readers new and old!

Want the perfect issue to jump on board with the groundbreaking British sci-fi action weekly comic? Then we have a super-charged blast of cosmic excitement for you!

Out on 22 September from all good newsagents and comic book stores, as well as the 2000 AD webshop and app, 2000 AD Prog 2250 is a 48-page extravaganza engineered to give the perfect opportunity for readers to pick up the 2000 AD habit with a subscription or regular order.

This issue features the start of FIVE new on-going stories and two scintillating one-offs in a pulse-pounding package of Thrill-power!

And it’s crowned with a brand new cover from master artist Mick McMahon, a bold and evocative image of future hardline lawman Judge Dredd! One of 2000 AD’s most iconic artists, McMahon remains one of the master on Dredd, with an ever-evolving style that has produced some of the series’ greatest moments.

This issue kicks off with a brand new Judge Dredd story, ‘The Hard Way’, by Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and Arthur Wyatt (Samizdat Squad) with art by breakout artist Jake Lynch (HAVN), which sees the world’s deadliest killers converge on the under-sea city of Atlantis to take out Mega-City One’s head of accounting… but they hadn’t counted on her having a visitor: Judge Dredd.

After her hit debut in 2000 AD’s all-ages 2000 AD Regened issues, Pandora Perfect gets her own series! The Mary-Poppins-gone-bad thief and confidence trickster from Roger Langridge (The Muppets) and Brett Parson (Tank Girl) begins the multi-part story ‘Mystery Moon’.

The surprise hit of 2020, The Out by Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Mark Harrison (Durham Red), returns for a new series, with wandering photo-journalist Cyd Finlea still all alone and cut off as she tries to find her way through a dangerous and chaotic universe. This cerebral and emotionally weighty series delighted readers and critics alike when it debuted in June last year.

From its original premise of ‘What happened after HG Wells’ War of the Worlds?’ to a meditation on prejudice and politics – but with huge space battles – Scarlet Traces by Ian Edginton (Hinterkind) and Matt ‘D’Israeli’ Brooker (Lazarus Churchyard) begins its next epic chapter.

Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd) and Antonio Fuso (WYRD) begin a new series of supernatural thriller series The Diaboliks, their successful spin-off of Rennie and Dom Reardon’s occult team thriller Caballistics Inc. With Ravne dispatched to London to sort out the Diaboliks’ new base of operations, the demonic Jenny has final business to sort out in Rome in the Embassy of the Unholy See.

Psychic future cop Judge Cassandra Anderson returns in one-off story ‘Be Psi-ing You’ by Maura McHugh (Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland) and Lee Carter (Indigo Prime)

And fan favourite artist Chris Weston (The Filth) draws and writes his own one-off Future Shock, ’The Guardian & the Godchild’.

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