Sci-Fi Graphic Novel PARALLEL Shows the Cost of Second Chances

Source Point Press is proud to announce Parallel, a new science fiction graphic novel coming this April from writer Jason Douglas, artist Adam Ferris, and letterer Justin Birch. Parallel is available for stores to order in Previews now.

Parallel tells the story of Landon, a man whose decision to abandon his dreams has resulted in a life mired in stagnation, depression, self-doubt, and a loveless marriage. When the voices start and the visions appear, Landon fears for his sanity but is nevertheless tempted and awoken to a unique possibility. A parallel version of himself is offering a chance to change it all. His fate was sealed, and now his destiny awaits!

This story asks the reader what price they’d be willing to pay for a second chance, says writer Jason Douglas, a newcomer to the industry. It’s a deep and dark sci-fi exploration of despair, mental health, parallel worlds, and the cost of following and not following your dreams.

Adam Ferris art does a great job of capturing a slice of life as well as a science fiction mind trip, says Art Director Joshua Werner. It’s a story anyone can relate to in some way, and become deeply invested in, and AdamÕs work is the vehicle with which you travel through Jason’s story. Ferris has also done art for The Good Fight, Baroque Pop, Cosmic Love, and Curio.

Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire says We’re excited to have this in the lineup. Everyone has dreamt about what their life may have been like in another universe, where they chose a different path. This sheds light on what it means to take a chance on living that other life.

Parallel will hit comic shops on April 29th and is available to pre-order in your local comic shop with the Previews code FEB201983. To find a comic book store near you, visit

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