“Schick Hydro Escape” coming to SDCC

With the many things going on inside the San Diego Convention Center Comic-Con weekend, there is also a lot going on outside as well (that don’t require a Comic-Con badge).  One of the big attractions outside of the convention has been the Interactive Zone located across the street at Petco Park.  This year Schick will be bringing the “Schick Hydro Escape” to the Zone.

Inspired by the comic “Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers,” con goers will be challenged physically and mentally.  The “Schick Hydro Escape” will take fans through interactive, mental and physical challenges that dive deeper into the genesis of the Schick Hydro superhero, Hydrobot, to unlock the mystery of his creator’s disappearance, Dr. Hiroshi.  Fans will be required to complete different puzzles in order to “power up” Hydrobot and escape the room. As puzzles are completed, the Schick Hydro superhero will be unveiled in order to escape the room.

If the puzzles and the disappearance of Dr. Hiroshi is solved in 20 minutes or less, con goers will win exclusive swag.  The “Schick Hydro Escape” Experience will be located at The Interactive Zone in Petco Park during San Diego Comic-Con 2017, July 20 – 23 from 9 AM – 5 PM PST.

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