SAVE NOW Unleashes TWO Comics On San Diego Comic-Con — BAD IDEA To Host Panel & Tiki Party!


There is a dark secret at the heart of BAD IDEA…

You see, when we first released SAVE NOW back in 2021 we gave you all just 8 pages and let you think that was the sum total of the story we had planned. Of course you believed it, those 8 pages were spectacular — a superhero story unlike any ever seen before!

But the truth is, SAVE NOW was always being built as a massive, epic story for the ages. One that is thrilling and yet so emotionally compelling that we’re taking the kind of care in story development usually reserved for great works of prose. Trust us, this is a book you don’t want to miss.

Matt Kindt (ENIAC), Tomás Giorello (THE FINDER), Dave Sharpe (ORC ISLAND) and Diego Rodriguez (ODINN’S EYE) are painstakingly forging a new exciting path in the annals of superhero and time travel stories. One that we’re sure, when released, will be unforgettable.

And to celebrate BAD IDEA’s epic San Diego Comic-Con this year, we’re giving attendees not one but TWO tastes of the upcoming, life-changing SAVE NOW! BAD IDEA is heading to San Diego Comic-Con with two can’t-miss convention exclusive comics that you can only get by attending two must-see events!

(Only avaliable at the BAD IDEA panel)
Join us for the first ever San Diego Comic-Con BAD IDEA panel on Friday, July 21st in room 5AB at 3:30pm, where you’ll learn what makes BAD IDEA tick, discover what’s in store for the future, get the chance to ask questions directly and earn a brand-new, convention exclusive comic book!

All attendees who are signed up to follow the ONLY YOU CAN SAVE DIGITAL COMICS FROM AMAZONKickstarter campaign are eligible for one (1) free copy of SAVE NOW SDCC #1, our first convention exclusive avaliable in limited supplies. To follow the campaign, simply click on this link and then click the “Notify me on launch” button.

<<< BAD IDEA — the last and greatest underground comics publisher — is going live at San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. That’s right this is BAD IDEA’s first SDCC panel. Be here — or miss the rendezvous between BAD IDEA impresarios Dinesh Shamdasani, and Atom! Freeman who give you, dear reader, the first look inside the closed channel of the most high-frequency experiment in comics. Join us for all this, special guests AND a free gift. >>> END.

Friday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Room 5AB

(Only avaliable at the BAD IDEA San Diego Comic-Con Tiki Party)
Then, head over to the world famous Bali Hai at 7:00 pm on Friday, July 21st for the BAD IDEA San Diego Comic-Con Tiki Party! To attend the ultra-exclusive, invite-only, comic-con party of the year, first RSVP at, then show your BAD IDEA First Customer Pin at the door. Celebrate with a little food, a lot of drinks, some great conversation with the staff and creators at BAD IDEA and, one (1) free copy SAVE NOW SDCC #2, our second convention exclusive avaliable in limited supplies.
Friday, July 21, 2023
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Bali Hai
2230 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92106

Rideshare is recommended.

RSVP is HIGHLY suggested – email to by July 17th.

To be eligible to receive a copy of the SDCC exclusive comic simply sign up to follow the ONLY YOU CAN SAVE DIGITAL COMICS FROM AMAZON Kickstarter campaign by clicking on this link and then clicking the “Notify me on launch” button.
(Only avaliable via the SAVE DIGITAL COMICS FROM AMAZON campaign)
Digital comics suck.

Amazon has spent years training comic book readers to expect the bare minimum from our digital comics. It’s shameful. With this campaign we’re providing a definitive example of all the ways in which digital comics can be better. In fact, not just better, but incredible. From digitally native features to behind the scenes material to extra content and so much more, we’re giving you the chance to see comics the way the professionals do when they make them. Follow the campaign today and be the first to know when we release THE ENDS: PRO Edition.

Sign up to follow the ONLY YOU CAN SAVE DIGITAL COMICS FROM AMAZON Kickstarter campaign by clicking on this link and then clicking the “Notify me on launch” button.

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