“Savage Sasquanaut” Mixes Bigfoot with Aliens & SciFy

On Wednesday, April 3rd, humanity will witness the incredible SAVAGE SASQUANAUT as he scours the galaxy like only a Bigfoot can.

A secret space-race experiment hurls Bigfoot far across the cosmos to confront the mighty Aurellian Empire! SAVAGE SASQUANAUT is born this day!

Creator Wes Hartman teams up with sensational new talent Gab Santos of HMT Studios to bring this giant sci-fi adventure comic to life. In the traditions of Firefly and Farscape, SAVAGE SASQUANAUT blends action/adventure with humor, set against a rich tapestry of fantastic worlds and incredible aliens. It’s Buck Rogers meets Big Trouble (in Little China)!

Readers will be able to support SAVAGE SASQUANAUT by pre-ordering Issue 1 exclusively on Kickstarter from April 3rd to May 3rd!


There will be MULTIPLE REWARDS such as the printed full color comic and VARIANT COVERS featuring fan favorite artists like Paolo Pantalena and Ace Continuado, a limited edition hard enamel pin, and even an opportunity to purchase a coloring commission by award winning comic book colorist Wes Hartman.

For more information visit facebook.com/sasquanaut and sign up for the email newsletter at https://bit.ly/2rSrpsf and of course always remember…

“One small step for man, one BIGFOOT for mankind!”

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