Sam McCandless drummer for rockband COLD Signs childen book with Second Sight Publishing

Small press publisher, Second Sight Publishing, in its continued commitment to bringing independent comic creators into the mainstream, has inked a deal with founder and current drummer for the rock band, Cold, and the psychedelic rock band, Carny. The Publishing Company will be bringing McCandless’ children’s book entitled Creepy and Crawly to retail shops beginning next year;

With 2 Gold albums and a Platinum album, McCandless is no stranger to the limelight. “I have been playing the drums since I was 6 years old”, quips McCandless, “but I have been drawing since the same age.” McCandless further explains, “I got an art scholarship to college right out of high school. When covid hit, I started working on my comic book.”

Larry “Spike” Jarrell, Art Director and Editor for the “Freedomverse” line of comics from the company expressed his pleasure in the opportunity to work with the drummer. “Excited to see what the future has in store with having Sam onboard, to quote another band, the future so bright we gotta wear shades!”

CEO and founder of Second Sight Publishing, Bradley Golden states “ I hope that  the signing of Sam McCandless title Creepy and Crawly to our Playground imprint will pave the way for more musicians, or actors to get into the comic industry.” Bradley Golden continues, “Here at Second Sight Publishing we are Strive to be a single hub for independent creators, whom are telling excellent stories, a chance to get seen on a more mainstream stage.”

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