Sacrificial Wool: The Dark Majesty of ‘Cult of the Lamb #1

Cult of the Lamb #1

Illustrated by: Troy Little

Written by: Alex Paknadel

Oni Press


*Yeah, maybe I went overboard with spoilers..

In partnership with Devolver Digital and Massive Monster, acclaimed writer Alex Paknadel (All Against All, Red Goblin) and Eisner Award–nominated artist Troy Little (Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas) comes a deviously delightful, heretic-smashing excursion into the sprawling cosmology of the worldwide, BAFTA–nominated video game phenomenon that IGN calls “adorably demonic”! In a land pervaded by cruelty and evil, the most innocent among us—young Lamb, the last of their kind—was selected to become a final dark sacrifice. Their death would forever seal the darkest of the Old Gods from our realm and usher in a new age ruled by the four eldritch Bishops of the Old Faith. So Lamb died . . . then forged a deal of their own. At the crossroads of eternity, Lamb was met by the imprisoned deity known as the One Who Waits, who revealed the lies and distortions of the false prophets who rule the world above. And so, Lamb was bequeathed the power and responsibilities of the Red Crown and returned to the land of living with unholy powers to exact vengeance and deliver a new cult unto the earth.

In the realm of comic adaptations, “Cult of the Lamb #1” emerges as a striking narrative that captures the dark yet whimsically twisted essence of its video game counterpart. The collaboration between Oni Press and the creative minds of Alex Paknadel and Troy Little, alongside the artistic vision of Carles Dalmau, brings to life a tale that is both hauntingly beautiful and delightfully sinister.

The story plunges readers into a world where innocence is a rare commodity, and the young Lamb stands as the last beacon of purity in a land riddled with malevolence. Selected for a grim destiny, Lamb’s journey is one of sacrifice and rebirth, a cycle that promises to alter the very fabric of their existence. The narrative weaves a complex tapestry of deceit and power, where Lamb, armed with the Red Crown, challenges the tyrannical rule of the eldritch Bishops and embarks on a quest for retribution and spiritual leadership.

The comic does an exceptional job of translating the game’s lore into a cute eyeful of horror, with Troy Little’s illustrations capturing the eerie atmosphere and the nuanced expressions of the characters. The vibrant cover art by Carles Dalmau sets the tone for the adventure that awaits within the pages. The writing of Alex Paknadel is sharp and engaging, ensuring that the reader is hooked from the first panel to the last.

For those familiar with the video game, this comic serves as an extension of the universe they’ve come to adore. It offers a deeper dive into the backstory of Lamb and the world they inhabit, enriching the gaming experience with added layers of context and emotion. For those who appreciate narratives that blend the adorable with the abhorrent, “Cult of the Lamb #1” delivers a narrative that is as endearing as it is horrifying.

The comic is not for the faint of heart, as it delves into scenes of chaos and carnage with a glee that is both shocking and enthralling. Yet, amidst the violence, there is a sense of playfulness, a juxtaposition that echoes the sentiments of shows like Aggretsuko, where cuteness and brutality exist in a delicate balance.

“Cult of the Lamb #1” is a compelling read that will resonate with fans of the game and attract those who revel in stories that challenge the boundaries between light and dark. It is a testament to the power of storytelling and the endless possibilities that arise when different mediums converge to expand a narrative universe. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a comic book fan, this issue promises an experience that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. So, grab your copy and join Lamb on their heretical crusade to reshape the world.


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