RTP: Everything You Need to Know While Playing Slots

There are many things to know when playing slot machines. Game manufacturer, number of reels, volatility, bonus symbols. That’s quite a lot, and you may feel confused. However, the most important parameter is the RTP – Return to Player indicator. This is exactly the percentage of return funds to the gaming community that the game provider has incorporated into the slot algorithm. Thus, you can immediately understand the marginality of your game and how much the institution is guaranteed to take from gaming funds.

Experienced gamers who have just started playing slot machines are almost always interested in choosing the most profitable gaming emulators for themselves. One of these great slots can be found at sweetbonanzaslot.com where you can enjoy the game to the fullest. In this review, you will find out why RTP is so important and why it requires the most detailed study.

What Is RTP and Why Is It So Important?

RTP means the return percentage to a player after a bet has been made. It is also customary to call it a kind of return, and it is considered an alternative term. The very meaning was laid down during game creation by a developer. The difference is calculated depending on a gaming machine.

The considered criterion deals with the description of the proportion, which is expressed in the percentage between payments that are made to a player/players and the predominant percentage that is given to the casino. Thus, if a provider sets a return of about 98%, this percentage will be returned to the player’s account, and the remaining 2% will go to the casino’s account.

If we consider the percentage of payments, then it is determined by the developer’s efforts in the amount of some factors at the same time:

  • Requirements of the organization engaged in the issuance of licensing permits;
  • The legislative base of the country you are located in and subordinate to which the club belongs;
  • The model that developers use.

As a rule, the whole algorithm always has a predefined scenario. It is defined based on RTP. If the percentage of payments does not correspond to the gambling norm, it will not obtain a license. The smallest allowed RTP value is 80-95%. The more specific figure is always determined by the country and the licensing office.


Having understood the principle of RTP operation, players will be able to understand what result the gameplay will lead to. It will also help you decide how to plan your money use properly. This approach can greatly increase anyone’s chances of winning. The validity of the indicated period has even been officially recognized at the international level.

RTP is used in all gambling games, both in online casinos and in ordinary land-based establishments around the world. The formula can be considered quite simple: to determine the return, we take the size of the winnings and divide it by the percentage of bets that you make. Remember to multiply this addition by 100%.

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