Ron Randall’s TREKKER Returns to Kickstarter

On October 22, Veteran comic book creator Ron Randall returns his indomitable science fiction bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair to Kickstarter to fund the next tale in her ongoing adventures.

Following the success of his first Kickstarter for the volume TREKKER: CHAPELTOWN which hit its funding goal in 34 hours and went on to double that target by the campaign’s end, Randall is eager to turn to readers to support the next tale. “TREKKER: THE DARKSTAR ZEPHYR dramatically ups the stakes in the series, moving Mercy out into the stars and putting her on a deadly collision course with the oppressive system-ruling Council”, he says.

“I was stunned and gratified at the immediate and enthusiastic support of the first campaign”, says Randall. “From the days when I published the first stories through Dark Horse Comics, I knew TREKKER had a devoted following. But I had no idea that support would have the size and the energy that I experienced on the CHAPELTOWN project. I guess a lot of people were on the hunt for a tough, complex character in a classic, science fiction action series. Mercy certainly fills that bill.”

Randall’s plan is to run a series of Kickstarters to bring the rest of Mercy’s journey to print. “From Day One, I planned for this series to trace the arc of Mercy’s life—her gradual evolution over time. I wanted to explore how her various, often violent, experiences affect and shape her, and ultimately prepare her to stand in the center of the climactic events that will happen at the end of that long road. It’s a very extended, novelistic approach. And Kickstarter is the perfect platform for me to work directly with the readers to get it all into print on my own terms.”

Containing elements from Flash Gordon and Star Wars to BladeRunner and The Expanse, and told with a mix of passion and polished craft, Randall has built a series meant to satisfy a wide range of readers. “Basically, everything I love the most about comics, about storytelling and about science fiction finds its way into the pages of TREKKER”, he says.
The campaign for TREKKER: THE DARKSTAR ZEPHYR runs from Oct 22- Nov 15 at

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