Ron Randall Launches Deluxe Hardcover Trekker Edition

450+ Page Collection Reclaims the Original Stories of Mercy St. Clair, Many in Color for the First Time!

January 21, 2020—When it debuted in 1987, Ron Randall’s sci-fi epic Trekker broke new ground with the adventures of Mercy St. Clair, a badass bounty hunter in the violent and complicated world of the 23rd Century. Now Randall is launching his most ambitious Trekker Kickstarter yet! Trekker: The Complete Journey Vol I. Oversized Deluxe Hardcover aims to collect the original out-of-print volumes first published by Dark Horse Comics, for a mind-blowing 450+ pages of story and art—many in color for the very first time. It’s the only way for Trekker fans to experience the original tales of this series in a premium, full-color format.

Randall was already a sought-after DC Comics artist in the 1980s (House of Mystery, Sgt. Rock, Batman, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing) when Dark Horse Comics’ Mike Richardson asked him to contribute to acclaimed anthology series Dark Horse Presents. Debuting in issue #4, Trekker was a revelation: a retrofuturistic pulp adventure featuring tough-yet-empathetic antiheroine Mercy St. Clair and her faithful companion (and later girlfriend), Molly Sundowner. Randall was drawn to the excitement and freedom of creator-owned comics, at a time when independent publishers offered new opportunities, and continued Mercy’s adventures at Dark Horse Comics before making the jump to Kickstarter—the new frontier for today’s creator-owned comics—successfully launching the next three volumes, Chapeltown, The Darkstar Zephyr, and Battlefields. Now he’s ready to bring his earlier, now out-of-print tales to their rightful full-color glory.

“I’m very excited to get this volume out, and reclaim all of these “lost” stories in a format that serves them—and fans—best,” said Randall. “As always, I’ll need the support of the whole Trekker community to get us there, and I’m doing everything I can to make it worth that support!”

This is Randall’s fourth Kickstarter, after successfully funding three others with a 100% fulfillment rate! His record of success is both a testament to his incredible work ethic—Randall consistently has all of the work done and ready for print before his campaigns are funded—and his smart choice of partners. As with his previous campaigns, Randall is working with Blackbox, the fulfillment company behind Cards Against Humanity, to ensure rewards are delivered by August 2020.

Trekker: The Complete Journey Vol I. Oversized Deluxe Hardcover will measure 11” x 7” and is available for $50. Additional rewards include a limited-edition print, original art, and even a one-on-one “making comics” consult with Randall himself! Check it out by February 20 at

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