Fan favorite comic writer Ron Fortier (Green Hornet, Terminator, The Boston Bombers, Mr. Jigsaw) brings epic science fiction story to Silverline Comics. Fortier teams up with Italian artist Andrea Bormida for Beyond The Stars, a six-issue mini-series.

“The concept originated with Andrea,” says Fortier, who saw pages on a social media board where Bormida was seeking feedback from industry professionals. “They were completely pencilled, inked, and colored…and incredibly beautiful.”

Fortier reached out to Bormida, and working together, Fortier crafted an outline for the six-part cosmic adventures. Shortly thereafter, Fortier reached out to Silverline editor Roland Mann.

“I’m a big science fiction fan anyway,” says Mann, “but when I read Ron’s pitch and saw Andrea’s art…well, we jumped on it right away! Even more impressive was that Ron had assembled his entire team so quickly. I’m a big fan of Mike W. Belcher’s work, and Ron already had him lined up to do lettering and design.”

“I love good comics,” says Belcher, “From top to bottom this is what I look for in a good read. Imaginative art by someone who puts their heart and soul into it. As well as a story that pulls me in and gives me characters I can care about.”

“It’s my first crowd-funded project,” adds Bormida. “Will it work? Shall I be able to reach out to new fans? Such a new adventure.”

Beyond the Stars is the primal good versus evil tale. At its core is a group of unique Science-Warriors called upon to save all of mankind from an unimaginable horror. Beyond the Stars #1 will be 1/3 of a Silverline Sci-fi Extravaganza for the initial crowdfund campaign. The other comics are Obsoletes #1 by Wes Locher, Aaron Humphres, Jose Fuentes, and Haley Martin, and with Krey #1 RemiX by Roland Mann, Steven Butler, Ken Branch, and Jeremy Kahn. The giant-sized comic will come in at almost 70 pages of story and art.

A Kickstarter campaign is slated to run from May 5 through May 22. Original art and retailer bundles are available as part of the campaign!

Link to the kickstarter:

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