Rod Espinosa’s ADVENTURE FINDERS is coming to Action Lab Entertainment!

The first four issues of Rod Espinosa’s ADVENTURE FINDERS, subtitled “Newly Hired Adventurers”, will be available digitally first on comiXology May 1st, 2019! The complete first volume will be available on comiXology May 15th, 2019. The second volume, subtitled “The Edge of Empire,” is still perfect for new readers, who can purchase the first issue physically in August 2019. Attendees at SDCC this year can also get an exclusive cover before the issue releases in comic book stores!

Writer: Rod Espinosa
Artist: Rod Espinosa
Cover Artist: Rod Espinosa
148 pgs./ T / FC
$5.99 (Pre-order on comiXology)

ADVENTURE FINDERS is Lord of the Rings with a bit of Game of Thrones in there for plotting. The big difference being this is a female centered adventure. It will also appeal to gamers and RPG players since it draws a lot of elements from classic Dungeons and Dragons, which freely built their games around inclusion.

Creator, writer and illustrator Rod Espinosa commented that he believed readers would enjoy ADVENTURE FINDERS because “I believe a lot of female centered stories still miss much of what it really means to be female centered. Books like Elfquest get it. It’s not about women being just as aggressive as the men. Or acting like a man in a woman’s body. It’s a whole new way of dealing with situations and adventures laid out.”

He goes on to say, “Male centered fantasy deals a lot with just the combat aspects. The men never have to worry about feeding children or protecting the women. They blow into town, fight and party, and then leave. This is about a story of adventurers who care about the whole package. Not just saving the village from monsters, but keeping them alive afterwards.”

Rod comments further about the meaning of ADVENTURE FINDERS, specifically in the first book: “Individuals matter. In the story, the mere act of saving one street child has had enormous reverberations throughout the entirety of book 1. That’s the focus of my book. Everyone, including the disabled and the helpless, matter.”

He goes on to say, “Clari and her friends are like most do gooders. Essentially, ADVENTURE FINDERS is if you dropped devoted UNHCR people in the middle of medieval fantasy. They not only fight wars out of necessity, but our heroines focus on child welfare and the plight of women in general in their world. They care about fairness a lot. The entire first book is essentially just escorting a caravan of women and orphans to a promised land. But the adventures that ensue turn out to be epic in scope.”

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