Kickstarter: American Hero Collectibles announces their first FULL COLOR The Rocketeer Collectible Coin

Launched today on Kickstarter, classic artwork by The Rocketeer’s creator, Dave Stevens is being preserved in full color on a new collectible coin package from American Hero Collectibles (AHC).  Officially licensed by The Rocketeer Trust, the coin is directly reproduced from Dave’s updated original art. It is based on a showcase panel that was originally featured in The Rocketeer’s New York Adventure.

The Rocketeer is the first in a signature series of comic book artist collectible coins.  Dave Stevens created one of the greatest characters in comic book history, The Rocketeer. More than 40 years after the character’s first appearance, the iconic Rocketeer lives on, more popular than ever! American Hero Collectibles is proud to announce the first release in the Collectors Coin Series – The Rocketeer in full color! The image will be issued in three highly limited collector’s editions: The Classic, 500 copy Signature Edition and the 52 copy Premier Lettered Edition.

The Classic, Signature and Premier Lettered editions are die-stamped on a Deco Bronze, Streamline Silver and Moderne Gold alloy round and then overprinted with a permanent, full color image of the artwork. The unform die-stamped back features a raised, stamped Rocketeer logo and a classic Dave Stevens signature from the AHC collection.

To make this Collector’s Coin Series even more of a valuable keepsake, each edition is packaged in a different leatherette book-like box with foil stamping on the cover, spine and back. As a special bonus for all Rocketeer fans, the Classic edition includes a beautifully produced 20-page booklet featuring rare Rocketeer art and contributions from his friends and family. The contributors list includes Michael Wm. Kaluta, William Stout, Kelvin Mao, and Ray Cuthbert. The Signature and Premier Lettered editions bump up the page count to 28 to showcase even more rare and unique Dave Stevens art. The Signature and Premier editions also include a 4-page limitation brochure signed by all contributors and individually numbered or lettered.

The team behind the AHC company have been fans, collectors and publishers for more than 40 years. Many of the projects they have created and produced will be familiar to you: The Dave Stevens Poster Book – Just Teasing, the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual, major book works from Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin, iconic Science Fiction/Fantasy writer Harlan Ellison, Richard Corben’s Funnybook, the Frank Frazetta Icon book and many more.

The dedication to quality from the American Heroes Collectibles team is unrivaled. According to Jim, the Managing Partner, “You can be sure we are bringing our full talents and focus to the table for this project. Our goal is to rival the quality of the coins produced by the United States Mint.”

For all Dave Stevens and Rocketeer fans, this is a production created with attention to the finest details to give you a collectible you don’t want to miss! Orders are expected to begin shipping in early May.

  • Deco Bronze, Streamline Silver, Moderne Gold alloy coin round
  • 60mm (about 2.5/16”) in diameter
  • Weight approximately 3 ounces
  • Comes in a beautifully designed, book-like leatherette box.
  • Box size is 5” wide, 7” high and 1.25” thick.
  • The box is foil stamped on the front, spine and back in bronze, silver or gold
  • Bonus booklet is 4.25” x 6.5”, 20 or 28 pages printed in full color
  • Each edition of the bonus booklet will present a different front and back cover image
  • 4-page Limitation brochure for the Signature & Premier editions, signed by all contributors and numbered (1-500) or lettered (A-Z, a-z)
  • Each edition/version of the collector’s package is only produced in very limited quantities
  • The Classic Edition sells for $35, The 500 copy Signature Edition is $68 and the 52 copy Premier Lettered Edition (A-Z, a-z) sells for $95
  • Order shipping anticipated to begin in early May, 2023.

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