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Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start-up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Crimson Dawn, Redemption, and Arcane. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. To explain the Lone Wolf Universe Robert Multari stopped by First Comics News.

First Comics News: What is the Lone Wolf Universe all about?

Robert A. Multari: Much like the big two comic book companies, the Lone Wolf Universe is a shared universe where all of our heroes, villains, and anti-heroes live and interact with each other. Crimson Dawn, Redemption, and Arcane all make a brief cameo appearance in Night Wolf Issue 2 to establish that these characters do all live in a shared world. There are many types of genre-crossing creatures that inhabit the Lone Wolf Comics universe hidden from the modern world.

1st: What about the heavenly beings?

Rob: In the Lone Wolf Comics universe, there is a “Higher Power,” the creator of all things, and most commonly referred to as God. The first beings created by the higher power were the Celestials. Celestials are creatures of pure power and energy that do not possess physical bodies but can assume one at will. Each celestial has its own specific power or ability. There are three types of Celestials — the Seraphim, the Fallen, and the Mythics. The Seraphim celestials are the biblical angels who reside in heaven and serve God’s will. The Fallen celestials are the biblical fallen angels who fought against heaven, led by Lucifer himself, now condemned to inhabit the depths of hell.

The Mythic celestials are neither angel nor demon. They are neutral beings who roam the worlds presenting themselves as deities. Some of the inhabitants believe these “gods” to have shaped and formed the universe. Mythics are the “pagan gods” mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology. Mythics don’t truly exist in the physical realm; they exist in a spiritual realm of light and wonder called Eros.

1st: So this universe is filled with Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies. Are these the classic Universal Monster version or are they different?

Rob: In the Lone Wolf Comics universe, the offspring of Celestials are creatures of magic such as Elves, Elementals, Werebeasts, etc. If a celestial was to mate with a mortal being, then lesser beings are created such as Eternals, Dwarves, etc.

Eternals are the immortal offspring of a human and a celestial, like demigods, such as Hercules. Eternals are born with a superhuman ability, but an Eternal’s power and immortality can only be activated by a traumatic event, like a near-death experience. Eternals are immune to sickness and disease. They heal rapidly but can die from severe wounds.

Supernatural creatures are often beings created by evil Celestials that should not exist. They are accidents to the natural order of things. These beings are the living dead, like vampires and zombies or the dead who cannot rest, like ghosts.

Vampires are sophisticated living dead creatures that have been around since before written history. Vampires have established their own culture and society. There are three kinds of vampires. The Purebloods are born vampires, Half-bloods are humans fully turned into a vampire, and the mindless Drones are humans partially turned. Vampires live in clans assigned to a specific region of the world. Each clan is ruled by a Master Vampire, usually the strongest of the clan.

Neo-humans are a super-powered subspecies of Homo sapiens. The original first Neo-humans are the offspring of a human and an Eternal. There are few neo-humans in the world now, but their numbers increase every day at an alarming rate.

Enhanced Humans are born normal humans but somehow have been given special abilities as a result of a scientific experiment, magic, a mere accident, etc. The leader of the Failed Experiments, Crimson Dawn, is an example of an enhanced human in the Lone Wolf Comics universe.

Werebeasts are creatures that can take the form of an animal or take the form of a human. There are many different species of werebeasts. The most commonly known are werewolves. These races of magical creatures have been around since before written history. They produce offspring like most mortal creatures, but they have a long life span. They live hidden all over the world, each with a unique culture, most worshipping nature and their pagan gods.

Lycanthropes are a race of magical creatures, which have been around since long before written history. There are lycanthrope packs hidden all over the world, each with a unique breed and culture, much like humans. Lycanthropes, like other werebeast races, worship the Mythic Celestials, particularly Essentia and Selene.

Essentia is the celestial of nature. Her domain is the world itself, but she prefers to wander the untouched forests, plains, and mountains. She dislikes evil beings because they often recklessly pollute her domain. Therefore, she is a wholly good celestial. Centaurs, elves, gnomes, halflings, werebeasts, and satyrs worship her. She favors the lycanthropes the most, even more than the elves. Her physical appearance is that of a motherly woman or an elven queen. Her children are spirits of the animals and the land.

Selene, the lady of the night, is the celestial of the moon and stars. Her domain is the night itself. She is neutral, but favors good creatures over evil, for she has a kind heart. Her main worshippers are nocturnal creatures and the lycanthropes. She is very close to the lycanthropes, as she and Essentia are considered “the mothers” of their race. Her appearance is usually a beautiful young woman, but at times takes the form of an elven beautiful young woman or nymph. Occasionally, she takes the form of a wolf, an owl, or some other nocturnal animal.

1st: What is a Monoki?

Rob: Like most cultures throughout history, there is an outcast breed of lycanthropes shunned by the other breeds because of religious beliefs. Their pagan cousins distastefully call them the Monoki, meaning “one god” in lycanthropian tongue.

The Monoki is an outcast breed of Lycanthrope whose cubs are only born randomly once a century or so because the recessive gene lies dormant in their bloodline. The Monoki is divided into two distinct groups. The benevolent Purebreds, white pelted lycanthropes who serve God’s will, and the malevolent Mongrels, whose hearts are as black as their pelts. They obey Lucifer’s bidding.

The origin of this outcast breed goes back to just before the birth of Christ. There was a black-hearted lycanthrope named Kallarious, whose hatred for mankind impressed the devil himself. Kallarious believed humans were a disease that must be cleansed from existence. Impressed by Kallarious and his dark ambition, Lucifer sought out the cruel creature to use as a pawn in one of his malicious schemes. Kallarious was offered the power to create an army of loyal drone lycanthropes to destroy mankind, but in return, Lucifer demanded his complete obedience, as well as the souls of the humans, turned drone. Kallarious then became the first of the Mongrels, the evil members of the monoki breed.

To prevent the utter annihilation of mankind, a Seraphim Enforcer was sent to enlist the aid of a pure-hearted lycanthrope, named Kayl, who believed that all life has value. Kayl then became the first Purebred, the benevolent members of the monoki.

Kallarious set out to take the Roman Empire in order to spread his influence like an unstoppable plague across the world. Kayl confronted Kallarious and his budding army just outside of Rome, where they were engaged in a grueling battle to the death. In the end, both Kayl and Kallarious suffered from mortal wounds and died, but their souls still fight throughout eternity.

Most of their brethren are born only as carriers of the recessive gene living out their lives as normal humans. Those who predominantly carry the gene are born with lycanthropy, which usually surfaces during a time of maturity or great stress. When a Monoki cub is born, their true nature reflects as either a reincarnation of Kayl, white pelted Lycanthropes who serve God’s will, or Kallarious, whose hearts are as black as their pelts and obey Lucifer’s diabolical bidding.

1st: Who is Rodney Marcelli?

Rob: Rodney Marcelli is a high school senior who had everything, a wealthy family, popularity, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full-ride scholarship for football to Keystone State University until his 18th birthday.

1st: How did he become Night Wolf?

Rob: On the night of his 18th birthday, Rod learns that he is a lycanthrope born into the outcast Monoki breed. Unlike other members of the breed he is neither a benevolent Purebred nor a malicious Mongrel, but something in between. He is reluctantly thrown into a war between good and evil in a time where morality isn’t as clear as black and white. Later on in the story during his training with Snow Paw, she gives him the tribal name, Night Wolf because the gradient color of his pelt reminds her of nightfall.

1st: How did Rodney get his unique kinetic energy power?

Rob: Currently, unknown to Night Wolf, he is both a werewolf and a Neo-human. The kinetic energy power is his Neo-human abilities. This is hinted at in Night Wolf Issue 2 when his power was detected by James and Ram at Gene Storm HQ.

1st: What makes Rodney different than other Werewolves and how does being Night Wolf jeopardize his soul?

Rob: Rodney is a product of the modern world where the line between good and evil has blurred. The surfacing of his lycanthropy in Night Wolf Issue 2 has revealed that he is unlike any other member of his breed. He displays traits that are not entirely Purebred, nor entirely Mongrel, but something else altogether with a pelt gradient from black to white. Meaning Rod is neither good nor evil so his soul is constantly teeter-tottering based on his actions which make him a game-changer in the war between good and evil. He is kind-hearted, but can be a little bit selfish and has a terrible temper. He tries to do the right thing but his motivation is often self-serving. For example, he is fighting evil for revenge and to save his girlfriend, not because it’s the right thing to do. He hasn’t killed an innocent yet, but it is something he would have to make a conscious decision not to do so, especially in rage mode.

1st: Who is Jennifer Conway?

Rob: Jennifer Conway is a high school junior and Rodney Marcelli’s girlfriend. On the night of their high school’s homecoming dance, Jennifer is crowned homecoming queen and later kidnapped by Black Claw at the behest of the Dark Covenant’s master vampire, Lord Malice. Lord Malice believes Jennifer is the reincarnation of his long-dead lover, Elisabeth.

1st: Who is Cirilla MacKinlay?

Rob: Cirilla MacKinlay, Cirray for short, is a Purebred Monoki born and was raised on a small farm in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th century. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, her family’s little farmhouse was attacked by a small militia of werewolves lead by a malevolent Mongrel Monoki, Grim Fang. While Grim Fang forced Cirray to watch her family die, her Lycanthropy was triggered. In a fit of rage, she took out many of the drones before Grim Fang grabbed her by the throat. Before Grim Fang could gut her, Cirray was saved by her soon to be mentor, Silver Mane. Cirray’s tribal name, Snow Paw, was given to her by Silver Mane, who thought her spirit was pure, and her paws were so white that they reminded him fondly of the white snow from his Nordic home.

1st: What is Lord Malice?

Rob: Lord Malice is a master vampire and ruler of the Dark Covenant in the Northeastern Region of North America. Malice rules over all the evil supernatural creatures in his region second only to the Dark Lord, Lucifer. Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not have Nycanthropy, the ability to assume the form of a bat or man-bat. However, Malice possesses the unique ability to transform into a giant flaming demon-bat.

1st: What is Tartarus?

Rob: Tartarus is a Fallen Celestial and is Lucifer’s personal messenger demon, much like a mob hitman. Occasionally, he goes off on his own and helps terrorist factions just for an excuse to cause mass destruction. His reptilian appearance is due to his direct relation with dragons.

1st: Who is Black Claw?

Rob: Black Claw is a Mongrel Monoki and personal lapdog to Lord Malice. Like all Mongrels, Black Claw has the ability to turn humans into mindless werewolf drones simply by biting or scratching them. This makes him an asset in strengthening the Dark Covenant’s numbers. Black Claw is also responsible for the death of Silver Mane, the mentor of Snow Paw.

1st: Who is Hecate?

Rob: Hecate is an ancient witch who plays the role of Lord Malice’s advisor. She is also the head of the witch coven that serves under Malice’s Dark Covenant.

1st: What is the Dark Covenant?

Rob: The Dark Covenant is a collective of evil supernatural creatures who owe their allegiance to the Fallen celestial, Lucifer. The Dark Covenant is broken up into regions across the world, each ruled by an appointed supernatural creature of malevolent power. In the United States alone, there are six regions: the Northeastern, Southeastern, Northcentral, Southcentral, Northwestern, and Southwestern. Lord Malice is one of these high ranking supernaturals.

1st: Who are Circe & Janelle?

Rob: Circe and Janelle are identical twin witches and the youngest members of Hecate’s witch coven. Circe has a bad girl attitude and is obsessed with gothic fashion, while Janelle is prim and proper with an obsession for pop culture. The twins are still learning to use their magical powers under the direct tutelage of Hecate, the head of their coven.

1st: Who is Raven Knight?

Rob: Raven Knight, also known as Night Hunter, is a supernatural creature slayer. When Raven was a young boy, he and his parents were attacked by vampires. Raven’s parents were murdered, but an aging slayer, Richard Fabian, saved him from the same fate. Fabian decided to raise the boy and train him to be a Slayer. After high school, Raven went to a technical school for auto mechanics. While he was in a technical school, Fabian was caught off guard and killed during a slaying. After tech school, Raven continued Fabian’s work as a Slayer. With the help of Fabian’s granddaughter, Jessie, Raven uses Fabian’s auto body shop as funding and cover-up for their slaying activities.

1st: Who is Jessie Fabian?

Rob: Jessie Fabian is the granddaughter of Richard Fabian, the deceased mentor of Raven Hunter. Growing up, she was a tomboy because her grandfather and Raven were the only family she had ever known. Jessie attended the same technical school as Raven, and is now a mechanic and technological wiz-kid, helping to run the auto body shop and creating weapons for slaying.

1st: How do Agent Bokor and Agent Hyde fit into the story?

Rob: Agent Bokor and Agent Hyde are members of the FBI’s Special Investigations Unit. They specialize in the supernatural and paranormal activity. Their main base of operations is speculated to be located in the fabled Area 51. The Agents are currently on assignment in West Middlesex, PA investigating the strange disappearances of high school teenagers and supernatural activity plaguing the small town.

1st: How often is the comic published?

Rob: So far, I have only been able to put out one copy a year, but intend to release issues faster as the audience grows and sales pick up enough to cover the cost of production. I’m a relatively new creator, and Night Wolf is my first comic book series. In April of 2016, I launched a failed Kickstarter campaign for Night Wolf Issues 1-3. I played the game on hard, setting a $20,000 goal. However, I did manage to raise $5,064 from my 74 backers. Unfortunately, Kickstarter is all or nothing. At the time, I only had the character designs, a cover and 5 sequential pages during that launch. Even though the Kickstarter didn’t fund, I was bound and determined to publish my story. Because I didn’t have the funds to finish the first issue, I decided to raise the money on my own by doing freelance web design work to pay for the artwork. Since then, I have published both Night Wolf Issues 1 and 2 in both print and digital formats. I recently published Night Wolf Issue 3 back in December 2019, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended on November 21, 2019, with 217 backers who pledged a total of $7,218. My illustrator is already getting started on issue 4, and I’m aiming for a mid-summer Kickstarter launch after the book is completely print-ready.

1st: How much is a digital copy?

Rob: You can get digital copies from the Lone Wolf Comic shop or Comixology for $2.99

1st: How much is a print copy?

Rob: You can get print copies from the Lone Wolf Comic shop. Standard retail editions are $4.99, limited edition variants are $9.99, and rare variants/exclusives are $19.99.

1st: How does a customer find a copy of the comic?

Rob: They can visit for copies of Night Wolf and other merchandise.

1st: Do you have a retailer program for comic shops?

Rob: Currently, my books are only in a few of my local comics shops like Bennie’s Comics & Cards, the 6 New Dimension Comics shops, and the 2 All American Cards & Comics shops. I’ve worked individual deals with the owners who have either paid upfront for my books or have them on consignment. And I’m always looking for more locations to fill their racks with my comics.

1st: What makes Night Wolf so cool no true comic book fan should miss it?

Rob: Night Wolf has a unique take on the supernatural, theology, mythology, and fantasy. If you love stories about anti-heroes and supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, zombies and more, then this is the comic book for you. The story encompasses elements of horror, magic, and science in a modern setting. This series has a great story and gorgeous artwork to complement it. But don’t take my word for it; here is a quote from one of my current favorite indie writers.

“Night Wolf is a high octane werewolf story filled with supernatural thrills, bloody action, and high school angst that never forgets to be fun.” – Kevin Joseph (Creator of Tart, Publish by Scout Comics)

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