The Brigade team returns from their mission in outer space only to be blindsided by Battlestone’s past. Bloodstrike, the government’s elite group of metas, has been sent to bring the outlaw team down. In the first few moments of the fight, Stasis is killed, Cold Snap is crippled, and Seahawk and Kayo are taken down. Things aren’t looking good for the home team.
The issue that started it all, BRIGADE #1, is remastered by today’s top comic book talents! BRIGADE exploded onto the scene as one of Image Comics’ launch titles, making its first appearance in August 1992 and electrifying fandom! We celebrate and commemorate the impact and anniversary of this historic occasion with a star-studded roster of illustrators creating all-new magic with fresh new pages for this commemorative 30th-anniversary issue!
With an all-new 5-page Heirborne Backup Story!
WRITER: Rob Liefeld
ARTISTS: Rob Liefeld, Thomas Scioli, Clay Mann, Marat Mychaels, Ed Piskor, Thomas Hedglen, V Ken Marion, Jim Rugg, Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Fraga, and Philip Tan
COVER A: Rob Liefeld
COVER B: Rob Liefeld
COVER C: Marat Mychaels

“It’s the most socially relevant, societal minded comic I’ve ever done. It comes from a terrifying premise: If there were a super-being, that person would oppress us, not serve us,” Liefeld told The Hollywood Reporter.

Heirborne takes place “in a world in which a family of super-powered beings have subjugated the world, and only the select few get to live in luxury and comfort (think of them as the 1 percenters of our world). Most people in the world of Heirborne have to ration water and food. But there is hope in the form of a resistance.”

This is set in a universe That Liefeld has been quietly building since the start of the pandemic, apparently. No word yet on what other stories might emerge from the “Liefeldverse.”

“I believe the poor in the world are more at risk than ever. It feels like the middle class is indeed being wiped out and the elite among us are reminding us of how elite they are,” Liefeld said.

This story is not set in the Extreme Universe.

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