Rob Liefeld’s Captain America Art Sells For $132,000

SOLD ON NOV 17, 2023 FOR $132,000

Rob Liefeld – Captain America “Heroes Reborn” Promotional Illustration Original Art (c. 1996). This is it… the most infamous comic illustration ever created! Love him or hate him, Rob Liefeld has made a name for himself in the comics industry as a superstar artist and creator throughout his 35 years in comics. Liefeld worked on Captain America for the “Heroes Reborn” event, which marked his return to Marvel after leaving the comic giant to form Image Comics. His art style has been the focus of debate for fans over the years, with this promotional illustration for the title being an overwhelming favorite of people’s love/ire. The piece spawned countless memes and populates any Google search involving “Liefeld” or “Captain America”. It is unlikely that any other piece in comics history has been more talked about or gotten more attention, especially since the age of the internet! Ink over graphite on Image Bristol board with an image area of 9.5″ x 15.25″. Rough upper right side edge, whiteout corrections/touch-ups, blue pencil in the lower right corner, and light handling wear. Signed by Liefeld in the bottom left corner and in Excellent condition.

Statement from Rob Liefeld

“The Heritage Auction, from my perspective. Yesterday, as most of us, I was interested in not only this piece but the New Mutants page that proceeded it. That went for 24k and there are another pair in Sunday’s auction. But the fact that this piece netted what it did, the most in the auction during yesterdays session was incredible given that this piece was placed after 15 Jim Lee pages that proceeded it. I truly, sincerely believed that there would be little money left for the interested buyers as we share a fan base amongst the high rollers. “I’m tapped out..” is a real sentiment among buyers. Yes, I have been in the homes of these collectors, I know of what I speak. So, the fact that this produced the crazy bidding war it did was even more impressive. My family was giving me a hard time as they had heard me say repeatedly that I felt this would go in the 30k range. I’m over the moon for both seller and buyer. That was fun.”

If you missed this or couldn’t afford the original, you can get the sketch that started it all

Media Type: Pencil
Art Type: Specialty Piece
Artists: Rob Liefeld (penciler)
Rob Liefeld – Captain America “Heroes Reborn” Promotional Illustration Original Art (1996)
The original art to this promo just sold for 132,000 at Heritage.
ROB LIEFELD has unearthed his original pencil prelim to this historic artwork.
Cap illustration is in pencil on vellum at a large 14×17 size. THIS PRELIM IS LARGER THAN THE FINAL ART!
Don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity at this classic piece!

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