Rob Liefeld Teams Up With LooseCollector to Unleash New EXTREME Action Figures!

LOS ANGELES, CA  – FEB 29TH 2024 – Renowned comic book artist and creator Rob Liefeld is joining forces with LooseCollector to bring his iconic EXTREME characters to life in the form of action figures. Fans of Liefeld’s Extreme Catalogue can rejoice as Cabbot Stone from Bloodstrike and the intergalactic mercenary, Bloodwulf, are set to hit toy shelves everywhere in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

Having received countless requests from fans for new action figures inspired by his beloved characters, Rob Liefeld found the perfect partner in LooseCollector. LooseCollector is planning a 3rd Quarter 2024 release for Bloodstrike and Bloodwulf. Pre-orders are available now. LooseCollector’s Dave Cardenas adds “We are excited by the support that the fans have shown for this line up and we expect an expanded wave of Extreme Action figures for 2025.

Bloodstrike and Bloodwulf, initially introduced in 1992 during the inception of Image Comics, quickly became fan favorites, each selling over one million copies upon release. Known for their distinct Rob Liefeld aesthetic, the action figures boast intricate details, weaponry, gear, and of course, plenty of pouches, capturing the essence of the characters.

Rob Liefeld couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the figures, stating, “They look amazing; it was an immediate yes! Cabbot Stone has never looked better; it’s like he jumped off the page of Bloodstrike #1. Bloodwulf looks amazing; we couldn’t be re-entering the action figure space with better figures; these are outstanding. The fans have gone nuts for the previews we’ve shared.”

Fans eagerly anticipating the action figures can delve deeper into the world of Bloodstrike with the upcoming Bloodstrike: Battle Blood collection, slated for release in May 2024 from Image Comics.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Rob Liefeld and LooseCollector as they continue to bring the Extreme universe to life in thrilling new ways.


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