Rob Hanes Adventures Uncovers Deep State Corruption in “Citizen Humbert”!

2018 Inkpot Award recipient Randy Reynaldo to release landmark 20th issue of series

Cartoonist and 2018 Inkpot Award recipient Randy Reynaldo will release the landmark 20th issue of his long-running indie action-adventure series, Rob Hanes Adventures, in July 2019.

Inspired by globetrotting soldier-of-fortune adventure strips like Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates and Roy Crane’s Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy (whose more modern descendants include Jonny Quest and Indiana Jones)—with dashes of humor reminiscent of Will Eisner’s Spirit—Rob Hanes is a 21st century troubleshooter for Justice International, a detective, espionage and security agency rolled into one.

Issue 20 completes a story arc begun in issue 18 — after a divisive and polarizing figure named Chester A. Humbert ascends to the nation’s highest elected office, Justice International is nationalized by the new administration as its own private spy and security agency. When Rob is assigned to track down Humbert’s missing daughter, however, his investigation uncovers evidence of deep corruption and moral decay in the nation’s highest office and its most senior advisors.

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