Rob Hanes Adventures Returns to San Diego Comic-Con

Look for WCG Comics and the Long Running Indie Series in the Small Press Area

Following a two-year pandemic hiatus, San Diego Comic-Con returns in a big way July 21–24 and WCG Comics publisher and writer-artist Randy Reynaldo will exhibit to help celebrate! The Comic-Con Inkpot Award recipient will be at Booth K-1 in the Small Press, debuting issue 23 of his long-running indie action-adventure comic-book series, Rob Hanes Adventures, along with his full catalog of back issues and trade paperback collections.

Rob Hanes Adventures has been a presence at the show since the introduction of the Small Press area in 1994 and remains one of the longest running indie series. Begun as a zine in 1991, the series re-launched in 2000 as a full-size comic book. In addition to the 23 issues to date, four trade paperback collections have been released. In 2018, Reynaldo was a featured guest at Comic-Con and honored with an Inkpot Award for Achievement in Comic Arts.

During the two-year hiatus, Reynaldo has released new issues and participated in the interim Comic-Con’s@Home shows and Comic-Con “Special Edition” held over last year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Other recent and upcoming coverage of the series includes a comprehensive two-hour interview that looks back at the series and Reynaldo’s career on the “Blockhead: Cartoonists Talk Comics” podcast by Geoff Grogan; and an upcoming appearance by Reynaldo as the featured guest at an online meeting of the Comic Arts Workshop. hosted by Ramon Gil, scheduled for July 28.

In the latest issue, Rob is hired by a beautiful heiress and her husband to provide security on a cargo ship and encounters a band of modern day pirates on the high seas who are led by a notorious international crime lord and alluring female privateer. Preview art from the issue is available below and here.

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