First Comics News: Hey Adam Fields, thanks for doing this. If you don’t mind can you give the reader some background information? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

Adam Fields: I was born in the small town of Eaton Ohio. Lived here my entire life. During high school, during my junior and senior years I attended the Miami Valley Career Technology Center [MVCTC] for Commercial Graphic Design. After MVCTC, I went to college at the School of Advertising Art [SAA] which recently re-branded to The Modern College of Design. These were both critical steps in my creative journey. Not only did they help sharpen my creative skills, but they taught me all the behind the scenes processes and how to work with customers, good and bad. Although illustration wasn’t a major focus in either, learning the industry-standard programs and lingo gave me an edge when pitching on a new project. But most importantly, they taught me to deliver quality work on time, if not before.

1st: When did you first get interested in comics?

Adam: Comics were always a huge interest of mine, but I actually never read them as a kid. Crazy, I know. But in my small town, there really wasn’t a place to get them. And honestly, I wasn’t much of a reader. All I did was draw, all day, every day. My friends and I would create our own comics on computer paper and just enjoy the goofy stories we made. Although I didn’t read comics, I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons. Spider-Man, TMNT, and X-Men were some of my absolute favorites and they opened my mind to whole new worlds. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s I started diving into the comic world. Researching the process and what it truly took to create a book or series. I decided to take a stab at an old 8th-grade idea I had for a vigilante werewolf and name the series PROWL.

1st: Who would you say are some of your greatest influences in comics?

Adam: I have influences in all different areas of the creative process. I am influenced by my family to keep creating and show them that no matter what, you can achieve any goal you set. But in the comics field, illustration influencers are Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane, David Finch, and Todd Nauck. These guys were the first ones I researched because I loved their art style and it really drew me into their worlds.

1st: If you could hang out with any creators who would it be?

Adam: The perfect creator hang out would have to be my top five I mentioned previously. Just to be able to sit and talk with Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane, David Finch, and Todd Nauck and hear their stories of success and failures would be amazing. I’ve had the honor of meeting a few of them, but really getting to talk to them would be a dream come true.

1st: Are you a writer, artist, or both?

Adam: Primarily, I’m an illustrator, but, I do write my own series and have helped write stories for other indie stories.

1st: What can you share with your fans about your creator-owned  Midnight27 Studios

Adam: Midnight27 Studios is the name of my company and LLC. Although illustration and comics are about 90% of my business, I also offer branding work such as logos, business cards, advertising for print or social media, and anything else design related. I believe together, we can tell your story.

1st: What has your experience been working as an Indie creator?

Adam: Diving in headfirst and making this my full-time job was absolutely terrifying at first. But, I know this was my calling and what I needed to do. At this time, I’ve been doing it full time for about 5 years. There have been some hiccups here and there but the overall experience has been amazing. Much like a toddler, growing pains always hurt, but they are necessary for growth. Every valley I’ve been in was a learning experience. Once I reached the summit, it made my work stronger and myself wiser for the next challenge. Creating comics is the easy and fun part of the job. It’s still a lot of work, but it’s all behind the scenes work that no one sees that I overestimated. Billing, inventory, show prep, advertising, marketing, keeping fans and customers updated on new stuff or paid work, and everything in between. But, in order to be successful, these are all pieces to the giant puzzle.

1st: You are part of the Zombies were human too… project. They are doing a Kickstarter relaunch soon. That looks like a fun comic to draw a story for. What can you share about your experience with that project?

Adam: It seems lately, that’s all I have been drawing are zombies. I say that with humor because I grew up watching zombie movies and playing Resident Evil so I welcome any and all zombies. This one was particularly fun because it was a short, 10-page story wrote by Matthew Kaiser, who wrote the main story for their first volume. We had talked about a completely different story-line but something happened and he switches it up. The one I ended up working on was just as fun as the original concept. It involves a stand-up comedian delivering his set when 3 people barge in looking for refuge. It gets a little crazy from there. I had the honor of penciling, inking, and lettering this story. It’s always rewarding to see the end result come to life and can’t wait to see it released.

1st: Congratulations Adam, you are also involved with a project called Scales from SeerNova Comics LLC what can you tell us about that project?

Adam: SeerNova Comics is a digital platform where indie creators can upload their digital books and people can pay and download them. Its awesome support for the indie community. On top of that, they have their own line of stories. I worked on a book titled INK. It’s about a tattoo artist named Shane who is created by a mysterious man who gives him amazing power. This puts him on a time limit to uncover the mysteries to come. They have also signed me to their new series titled SCALES. This one will be a lot of fun but I can’t say much about it, except keep an eye out for their Kickstarter.

1st: Adam, you are the artist for Antarctic Press Exciting Comics 7 Black Jaq and Leave on the Light #3. One is a horror slasher comic the other superhero. What can you tell us about those projects? Which do you prefer horror or superhero?

Adam: I still can’t believe that I have my work on these titles. It’s funny because Bradley Golden approached me a few years ago about doing Leave on the Light 1 and I was still new. Had nothing published yet and didn’t quite know what I was doing so he passed me up. And I don’t blame him. Fast forward a few years and I receive a call while I was at the gym from Bradley asking if I was available to work on #3. I had just seen issues 1 & 2 in my local shop. I remembered being passed up for that gig. So, I immediately said yes. Once home, I got right to work. But I believe I did BlackJaq right before that which I feel proved I could meet deadlines and do quality work and resulted in that phone call about Leave On the Light. As for my favorite genre to illustrate, I actually like a mix. It breaks it up and keeps in exciting. Plus, I love meeting all sorts of people with different interests. So having options on my table at comic cons helps me meet these different fans.

1st: Not only do you do comics, but you also do commissions and metal prints. If anyone was interested in purchasing any of your work where can it be viewed?

Adam: My work can be found at www.midnight27studios.com. Commission work, I typically like to talk with that fan first to get feel for what they are looking for. It’s a bit more personal when you are asking an artist to create something for you and I want to make sure I have every detail down before getting started. So, for that work, I guide everyone to my Facebook page, The Art of Adam Fields.

1st: What advice can you give to anyone interested in getting into comics?

Adam: Be prepared to work and have thick skin. There are so many people out there who want to dive into this industry, I don’t blame them. It truly is a blast. But, they are quickly discouraged by that first bad review or person saying something negative about their work. This happens in the art field but you can’t let it get you down. Use that feedback to improve. This is where the hard work comes in. You have to continuously grow as an artist. Practicing those poses or angles you struggle with, make that page a little more exciting with fun panel placements, draw hands and feet until you can do them in your sleep, and try new mediums. You will fail at times, yes. But that’s growth. Keep trying. Keep creating.

1st: If you could draw any character in the comics industry who would it be?

Adam: Besides my own series, I would love to tackle a Venom story. He has always been my favorite character, even as a kid.

1st: Adam, you do have an upcoming project with award-winning writer Peter Breau called Constantine’s Bane, would you like to share about that project?

Adam: This is one of those projects I still can’t believe I’m on. It’s by far my most detailed illustrations to date. I have purposely pushed myself to try new perspectives, ad more environments in the backgrounds, and just make this the best story I can. This one is one I am very proud to be a part of.

1st: Adam, can you tell your fans if there are any projects coming up in the future we haven’t covered?

Adam: Right now, I am working on Volume 2 of my own series PROWL. I am also working on a project called Deat Among Us with Bradley Golden and Stephon George Sadler. There is also a children’s book in the works for The Sub Zero Mission. I did a comic book for them a while back and now we are switching gears and inspiring little ones to be kind and help one another. Coming later this year is Zombie Office 2, and Scales from SeerNova.

1st: Thanks so much Adam, this has been more than amazing. Are there any shout outs, groups, or links you want to mention we haven’t covered in this interview?

Adam: This has been amazing as well. Thank you. I just encourage people to check out my Facebook page, The Art of Adam Fields (www.facebook.com/adamfieldsart) and follow me on Instagram at adamfields127. And I always pitch this when I can because its an amazing organization that helps homeless during the winter months, The Sub Zero Mission. This group of people are absolutely amazing and they do so much good. I would love for everyone to check out their site. While there, grab a copy of their title, The Blue Coat Missionary. I promise it will move you. https://subzeromission.org/

1st: Thanks again Adam, I am a huge fan. Keep on creating!

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