MONSTERS & MIDWAYS – SWORDS & SORCERY IN 1970s CHICAGO, SOLICITED January 2023, in stores March 29, 2023

Nov. 14, 2022, (BUFFALO, NY) — Band of Bards is proud to announce a five-issue mini-series coming in next March called MONSTERS & MIDWAYS. A heavy metal guitarist in 1970s Chicago hasn’t made the big time with his songs of magic, wizards, & elves. Let’s see how he does with the real thing.

Band of Bards Comics, the fast growing comic book publisher from Buffalo, has signed an exciting series to add to their eclectic catalog. Joining the Bards are Nick Goodwin, Jeremy Megert and Chuck satterlee and their sword & sorcery series, MONSTERS & MIDWAYS! In the series, magic is real & Wizards have always protected a blissfully ignorant human population from dark magic. But now a group of pissed off elves, a barbarian named Dave, his cocky magic weapon maker, and a wizard with horrible people skills need to stop an evil wizard from mixing nuclear energy with that terrible dark magic. Fans of Heavy Metal, Hellboy, and Harry Potter will enjoy this thrill ride for the ages.

“When the team submitted to us, it really wasn’t a hard decision for our editorial team”, stated Tim Stolinski, co-founder & co-publisher of the quickly growing publisher. “We are working towards a solid 2023 to build on the progress made in our first year. MONSTERS & MIDWAYS has a strong team, and is an exciting story so it was a simple decision for us.”

“Band of Bards is a perfect home for this book”, stated co-creator Nick Goodwin. “We’ve found Tim & Chris at BoB to be wonderfully helpful and just as excited about the series as we are.”

Look for Band of Bards to solicit MONSTERS & MIDWAYS in the January edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ PREVIEWS Magazine. It will be slated for a March 29, 2023 release and will run for five months. Issue #1 will also feature variant covers by soon TBA artists and will be unveiled at C2E2 next March at Satterlee, Goodwin & Megert’s table.

The Series is created by Nick Goodwin (Co-Creator/Co-Story) Chuck Satterlee (Co-Creator/Scripts) & Jeremy Megert (Co-Creator/Art) and will feature Nicholas Michael on colors & industry legend Tom Orzechowski on letters. More information can on these creators can be found at www.defectivecomix.com or the creator section of www.bandofbards.com

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