Riptide Sanitarium #1

Riptide Sanitarium #1
Welcome to the Riptide Sanitarium, where every cell tells a tale! The brainchild of Ghostbusters co-writers Keith Dallas and Jim Beard, Riptide Sanitarium is a multi-genre anthology of self-contained stories: horror, science fiction, historical drama, fantasy, crime. In short, any and every kind of story imaginable, and all of them standalone so you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on some indecipherably convoluted continuity. 20 pages of imagination and creativity. That’s what awaits you inside the RIPTIDE SANITARIUM!
This first issue (or first “cell,” if you like) offers a tale about three suburban youths who go looking for trouble… and find it! It’s Don’t Breathe meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers, sure to please any horror fan!
Just so everyone understands, Riptide Sanitarium will NOT be available in stores or via Amazon. It can only be purchased here, through Zoop! So your attention and support will be appreciated until the end of our days! In fact, EVERYONE who pledges to this campaign will have their name enshrined on a “Campaign Contributor” page within Riptide Sanitarium #1!
Written by Keith Dallas
Art by Juan Romera
Cover by Adam Benet Shaw
Edited by Jim Beard

Digital $5
Print $10

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