Richard Vasseur talks about ICONIC

First Comics News: When did you start reading comics?

Richard Vasseur: I started at a young age. I believe my mother gave me my first comics. In my teens I started to pick them up from second-hand book stores, In my early twenties, we got our first comic book specialty shop so I started going there and became a regular customer. I have never stopped reading comic books since.

1st: What made you decide that you wanted to review Comics?

Rich: I have always loved comic books and I joined a newsletter The People’s Comic Book Newsletter put out by Paul Dale Roberts. He suggested I review some comics for the newsletter and I started there and continued when the newsletter became an online one as well called Jazma.

1st: How many Comics do you read a month?

Rich: It can vary some depending on the size of the comic I am reviewing. But on average about 20 a month. The comics do vary from different companies and genres.

1st: When did you start reviewing Comics?

Rich: Not exactly sure when. Around 25 years ago. I started small and have worked my way up to First Comics News where I have my own column now.

Original Concept Art

1st: What are the key features of a good comic?

Rich: For me if it has something I have never seen done in a comic before. Which is hard to achieve. I have read around a hundred thousand comics.  Also, the basics of a good story, good art makes for a great comic. Plus, the cover should be eye-catching in one way or another.

1st: When did you write this comic?

Original Concept Art

Rich: The characters I created 20 years ago. I tried creating a comic entirely on my own but it did not get past a couple of pages. I have been working as editor-in-chief at Monolith Comics and its main writer and artist suggested making a comic of my character Iconic. So, it began we collaborated on the story, Theodore Riddle did the writing and art for it. He helped bring my idea to life. Without him, there would be no comic.

1st: Who is iconic?

Rich: Iconic is me. He is an average guy just living his life. When a ray of light strikes him giving him powers.

1st: How did God choose you to receive the powers?

Rich: It is not known that God chose Iconic. It can kind of be assumed though. A ray of light from the creation of life was bouncing around the Universe and made its way back to Earth and struck Iconic. Iconic was chosen because he is a good man who always tries to do the right thing. He is not perfect but he tries.

1st: Exactly what are your powers?

Rich: Iconic can control the light within him by shooting it out from his fingertips, his eyes, and his chest. He can control the width of it. A thin ray can cut through anything, a wider ray can be used to stun people. He can also create hover discs that allow him to fly.

1st: The eye on the chest of the uniform, Is that The Eye Providence?

Rich: No, it is not, it is just a symbol I thought looked cool. But I do like your take on it.

1st: Does anyone know you’re a superhero?

Rich: Family and friends do. Others do not as having a secret identity is good to protect your loved ones from harm.

1st: The comic is dedicated to your niece Madison. What happened to Madison?

Rich: Madison had an epileptic fit in her sleep on Dec 19, 2017, 4 days after her 18th birthday. She passed away from it quietly in her sleep.

1st: Who is Evilily?

Rich: Evilily is based on a person I used to know. Evilily is pure evil she loves to hurt others and cause pain. Her powers are to teleport but only to places where she is not wanted. She has sharp razor-like nails, and her weapon is a trident that shoots out different colored lights each one having a different effect.

1st: Is she based on an actual person?

Rich: Yes, she is. A female supervisor where I used to work. This supervisor was obsessed with me and fell in love with me her twisted version of love. She did not like that I had not noticed she was in love with me and by the time I did she hated me and would go out of her way sabotaging my work, making up lies about me, setting me up to look bad. Everyone working there knew what she was doing but the higher-ups only cared that she was a fantastic worker but a very evil person.

1st: How did Evilily get her powers?

Rich: When Satan was thrown out of Heaven a drop of his blood landed on Earth and one of Evilily’s ancestors consumed it. So, the blood of Satan is now in her bloodline and whenever a member of that bloodline commits an act of pure evil the powers of Evilily manifest.

1st: Iconic and Evilily are both faith-based characters, are you religious?

Rich: This comic book is not a religious one.  The characters I just happened to think of their powers coming from divine intervention in away. I was brought up a Christian but I do not go to church. My religious beliefs are my own though.

1st: There is a geopolitical element to Iconic, are you a Globalist?

Rich: Theordore Riddle the writer added in that aspect and I cannot speak for him. Myself I do not consider myself a Globalist.

1st: What made Theodore Raymond Riddle the right choice for Iconic?

Rich: Ha Ha, he volunteered and it was his idea to bring my character to life in this comic. I was editing his comic books for him on a volunteer bases and he wanted to return the favor which he did in spades. This comic book would not have been possible without him.

1st: What made you decide you want to become a publisher?

Rich: This is one comic book so not much of a publisher. Whether or not there is ever a # 2 only time will tell. Right now, there are no plans for it. The comic is on a print to own bases on Amazon.

1st: How did you decide on black and white instead of color?

Rich:  It is less costly. Plus, Theordore Riddle was doing this on a volunteer bases so it took less time for him. He is kept busy with his own comics from Monolith Comics such as Compu-M.E.C.H.

1st: Why go with a graphic novel instead of saddle-stitched?

Rich: This was what Theordore was using and he has an account all set up on Amazon for it. It made things easier.

1st: What advice do you have for first-time creators who want to publish their own comics?

Rich: Never give up and go for it. Having your own comic finished is a great feeling one you will never forget.

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