RICH REVIEWS: Zombie Tramp TPB Vol. 6

Title: Zombie Tramp TPB Vol. 6
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Co-Written & Created by: Jason Martin & Dan Mendoza
Artwork by: Xenia Xiu
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Colored by: Xenia Xiu & Jason Martin
Price: $ 11.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book contains torture porn, torture porn, torture porn.
Janey Belle meets a couple people she knew in school. Well the guy talking to her is a walking dead man he just does not know it and his wife to. You do from the way Janey is acting. Her rage barely being held back.
You will not believe how Janey handles Chuck the guy who raped her and her best friend causing her best friend to kill herself. Yes Janey is out for revenge. The guy deserves it. Fate, Karma they are a dead female zombie going crazy on your butt.
Janey knows how to get even.
Janey may be a zombie but she is still so hot and beautiful and having her naked here just brings that point home. She is illustrated with such lovely huge breasts. The coloring of her zombie body fits it perfectly. Beautiful T&A is shown.
Zombie Tramp finds out she is the way she is for a reason. But the reason is still a mystery.
For bloody fun and excitement galore with gore this is the comic for you.
The art style here is cutesy. Janey is though drawn in really high cut off shorts that show off her assets.
Janey takes a few moments to wonder about her place in the world and her life in general. She does have a lot of questions that it would be nice to get answers to.
As Janey visits a spa and things are not as they should be. Janey notices but really does not care. Her attitude is wonderful to see. Plus as more of her body is shown the art becomes a little less cutesy which works better for this comic. Her butt is illustrated lovely.
Than the you know what hits the fan. It looks like the KKK are in town. Zombie Tramp is pissed off and they are close by. Wonder who is going to pay for disturbing her spa time. Next issue its the KKK vs Zombie Tramp.
Lots of swearing in this as the KKK hunt Zombie Tramp or is that the other way around. Zombie Tramp what she does to these good ole’ boys is not very good at all. Things do get bloody and there is so much gore. Zombie Tramp will give you a feel for how much fun she has killing these KKK members.
Things are going so easy for Zombie Tramp. Than a magical giant jackalope creature attacks. The Demon is a silent menacing creature.
Zombie tramp is a red bikini with a red handled chainsaw is a sight you want to see. She knows what to do and does it and has so much fun doing it.
Zombie Tramp in this issue is a unlikely hero.
Zombie Tramp is illustrated as a cutie while nude in her astral form. The coloring as well is so good with the shading done amazingly well.
Zombie Tramp was captured and is now chased by a psychotic killer at a camp.
Samuel the psychotic killer goes on a rampage. Meanwhile Zombie Tramp does her thing an steals another body for her own.
Yes there is topless nudity and sexual situations within these pages.
Samuel kills Zombie Tramp not once but twice. Now Janey is not ready to stay dead. She is ready to fight though so Samuel may be a psychotic killer but this time he faces a zombie who is more than a zombie. Things are going to get gorier next issue as this continues.

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