RICH REVIEWS: Zombie Tramp TPB Vol. 2

Title: Zombie Tramp TPB Vol. 2
Publisher: Action Lab
Created, Written, Illustrated and Cover by: Dan Mendoza
Letters by: Zen
Cover Colors by: David Delanty
Price: $ 11.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Comments: “Warning: This book contains sexy zombie outfits, strong trampy language and gory undead action!”
The art starts out fairly simplistic with a cartoon style to it.
Janey Belle makes her appearance she is a fully nude zombie. Being undead does give her a sexual appeal and the fully nude thing to. Than she gets gory as she rips apart in bloody detail a couple of intruding guys. She gets pretty gross and so do the drawings of her.
There is a mysterious girl about nine in appearance. You can tell right from the start this girl is a lot more than she appears to be.
Janey the zombie looks cute and sexy once she gets dressed in a black outfit with a cute hat.
Janey and the girl are characters that have a unique look and attitude. They are evil but you can not help but love them.
Janey and this nameless girl are starting out on an adventure that is sure to be littered with lots of blood and gore and of course one of the hottest babes to ever be a zombie.
Now we get a nice recap of the first part of Zombie Tramp’s origin. How she was bitten. She was beautiful as a human.
Next three jocks decide to shark (expose a girl’s breasts while filming it) Janey. They find things turn out differently than the expected. Janey is drawn so sexy in her little black dress.
Morning is shown in her zombie form here. She is no little girl although she looks like one.
There is lots going on here. A actress Holly Very is drawn with huge breasts, very huge ones. She has her body hi-jacked and her spirit kicked out.
Than we see this little girl she is one scary thing. As she punishes one guy a child molester you might even feel a little sorry for him. He is getting what he deserves though. Nice use of red coloring here to enhance the blood.
Next we see Janey at a party. She is drawn with the most beautiful blue eyes ever. Janey our Zombie Tramp along with a couple other zombies she controls gets down right violent and gross. Lots of gore shown here.
Zombies on a train are not a good idea but they are fun to watch. Watch the murder and mayham. Cheerleaders and Jocks on a train meet the Zombie Tramp guess who lives and who gets ripped to bloody shreds and eaten.
Zombie Tramp is one sexy beautiful walking undead girl who will tear you apart as she wins your heart.
The use of small amounts of colour in the black and white art makes it jump out at you.
Janey the Zombie Tramp is illustrated gorgeous and sexy. She has huge breasts. Her red teeny tiny little cheerleader type outfit is just enough to cover her up.
Janey is a strong zombie and as she takes care of her victims it is a gory mess. Janey has a tragic story and a troubled life. You can not help but feel sorry for her even while she is ripping people apart or eating brains

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