RICH REVIEWS: Zombie Tramp # 25

Title: Zombie Tramp # 25
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written, Created & Drawn by: Dan Mendoza
Colors by: Marcelo Costa
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Cover: Mendoza
Variant Covers: Mendoza, Costa, Pekar
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Warning: This two year anniversary special contains violent naked cathartic ramblings of three bodacious buxom babes!
There is violence and topless babes so yes this is not for children. There is even full nudity just no groins drawn in that area is left blank. Males on the other hand are fully shown nude including the groin.
Janey and Trish are illustrated so gorgeously. Also very sensual and sexy. They do have a nice conversation about Xula and Janey decides she knows what is best for her not Trish.
There are a few great bare butt shots of Janey. She is drawn with a cute one.
Janey is shown being extremely brutal to a past enemy. It is quit sick actually.
Zombie Tramp is a monster. The people she usually hurts deserve it but not always. She is a killer zombie and more.

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