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RICH REVIEWS: Zachariah Thorn # 2

Title: Zachariah Thorn # 2
Publisher: Indigo Comics
Writer/Creator: Scott Reichert
Penciler/Inker: Kristian Rossi
Colorist/Designer: Robert Reichert
Letterer: Toben Racicot
Price: 99¢
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: www.indigo-comics.com
Comments: Eli is the not dead guy in the group of friends. Poor Eli he lost the love of his life years ago. He still feels the loss as we see here.
In this issue, Eli has his fondest wish that he did not even know he wished to come true. This is a surprise that comes as totally unexpected.  The expressions on Eli and Stephanie’s faces do bring out the emotions they are feeling. It is wonderful to see these two lovers reunited but it is tempered with the fact something is coming for, The Harbinger of Sorrow and as the name is spoken you can feel the ominous atmosphere setting in.
The dogs of death do appear menacing and they harolding what is to come is the most frightening part.
We do still need to learn more about Zachariah and how he became as he is and what his dark power is.
It was wonderful to learn more about Eli and his past. It would have been nice if how he became undead was made known to. Some mysteries need to be filled in.
The supernatural is loose here and dangerous.



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