RICH REVIEWS: Your Pal Archie # 2

Title: Your Pal Archie # 2
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story & Inks by: Ty Templeton
Art by: Dan Parent
Lettering by: Jack Morelli
Colors by: Andre Szymanowicz
Cover by: Dan Parent
Connecting Variant Cover by: Les McClaine
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Whole Lotto “Shakin'” Goin’ On!” Archie continues with being rich. The art is simply drawn and does portray emotions just not to expressively.
The art does illustrate Archie and the gang differently than you’re used to. They all seem more normal.
Archie quickly finds out being rich is not all fun and play. When things go back to normal we find Archie and Veronica to are happier. Seems even Veronica likes good old Archie Andrews for being himself.
“Reggie’s Greatest Hit” Most of the characters even act differently more toned down. Reggie being Reggie mistreats a fellow student This leads to some interesting developments. It’s not funny but a serious story.
The Bonus: Classic Archie Story! is called “The Freshmen’s Guide To Riverdale High”. Story and pencils Dan Parent, inks Bob Smith, letters Jack Morelli and colors Glenn Whitmore.
Archie gives a freshman a tour of the school and ends up in the room he uses most. Archie is shown as a good guy but he can be distracted easily especially be certain types of distractions.

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