RICH REVIEWS: Your Life is a Life of Hope!

Title: Your Life is a Life of Hope! (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author/Illustrator: Lord Birthday
Price: $ 14.99 US, $ 19.99 Can
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: The introduction is beautifully written and does set a great mood for the book you’re about to read.
The subject matter does get you thinking. It is about thinks that can bring hope to your life and enjoyment.
The one-page expressions do start to make no sense yet they are fun to read. Each page really does not make any sense at all. The book does describe some ordinary situations in unordinary ways.
This book does touch on so many different topics.
The art is mundane. It does not stand out at all yet it does come across as weird.
The subjects from visor hats to drinks, to time and New York, so many things are touched upon.
How this book brings across hope I could not figure out. It does talk about different aspects of life.
A book of hope is a great idea yet to be a success it must inspire that hope in the reader which this book does not.

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