Publisher: Hadith Sambamba Comix
Created by: Brian Daniel
Written by: Dorphise Jean
Cover by: Alexander Malyshev
Illustrated by: Jake Sumbing
Price: $ 3.99 US, digital $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A military strike team is going on a mission and they get a pep talk just before they jump out of the plane.
The Guardians are a team of three heroes. The art needs to be more solid and defined. The facial expressions are vague.
The showing of each heroes powers through colors works well. The energy shows up well and brings out the fact they have power.
The beast they face is a living nightmare. The illustration brings out the imagination that was used to create this monstrosity.
As we watch the battle unfold you wonder who are these Guardians? Not even their names are mentioned. Nothing about them is known.
As one of them falls in battle the art does bring out the fact of how much the others care for her.
The comic itself is only thirteen pages long so it is short.
The bonus material well the first three pages are all fuzzy so they are hard to make out. Then there are couple beautifully done pin-ups.
The profile pages do give you the Guardians names but that is about all they give you along with a well-drawn pose of the character. There are also other Guardians shown here.
This makes a good introductory issue. The characters show promise and potential.

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