RICH REVIEWS: Wretches # 1

Title: Wretches # 1
Publisher: James E. Roche
Story: James E. Roche
Art: Salomon Farias
Colors: Chunlin Zhao
Cover: Chunlin Zhao
Letters: Jamie Me
Variant Covers: Ian Burns, Chunlin Zao, Salomon Farias
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A brother and sister are mercenaries or bounty hunters. Sean and Shea hunt robots here and on the run catch their prey.
At their base, they are under attack. Its mercs vs bots in a free for all. The fighting does get hot and furious. We see here how much Shea loves her bother.
Shea’s outfit is styled wonderfully. She looks amazing in it. It is simple yet it stands out.
Knowing more about what is going on and more about the characters would make you care more about what happens to them.
Shea is shown showing so much emotion. You will feel sorry for her. It will also get you looking forward to the coming issues.

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