RICH REVIEWS: Wrestlemania 2017 Special # 1

Title: Wrestlemania 2017 Special # 1
Publisher: BOOM! Comics
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover by: Rob Schamberger
What If? Variant Cover by: Jim Rugg
Fight Card Variant Cover by: Adam X Vass
Wondercon Exclusive Cover by: Rahzzah
Price: $ 7.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: “Ladder Match” Written by Box Brown, illustrated by Jorge Corona, colored by Gabriel Cassata and lettered by Jim Campbell.
Its Razor Ramon vs the Heartbreak Kid. They have one hard hitting match. The match has the two opponents talking to each other and it will make you laugh. The art comes across as rough. It could be more clear in the details.
“The Long Con” Written by Dennis Hopeless, illustrated by Dan Mora, colored by Joana LaFuente and lettered by Jim Campbell.
This story is about TTT Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He has a plan for the future. The art is gorgeous as it illustrates him and Stephanie.
“The New Day’s Optimestic Odyssey-Part 3” Written by Ross Thibodeaux, illustrated by Rob Guillory, colored by Taylor Wells and lettered by Jim Campbell.
The New Day have one magical adventure. They end up facing dark unicorns and it is going to be a battle for the ages. The art is done in a cute style. The human unicorns are something else to see.
“You’re Good, But…” Written by Aubrey Sitterson, illustrated by Kendall Goode and lettered by Jim Campbell.
Daniel Bryan does not look as if he would do great in the WWE he is so small. He proves them all wrong. Daniel Bryan was one of the greats. He is well drawn here. His body is illustrated muscular.
“The Kevin Owens Comic” Story by Andy Belanger and Andrew Stott, written by Andrew Stott, illustrated by Andy Belanger, colored by Dee Cunniffe and lettered by Jim Campbell.
Here we see Kevin Owens life growing up and in wrestling. We see Kevin and Sami fighting. The way Kevin is shown as not just a wrestler is great so you get to know about him as a person to. The art shows him off just as he looks in real life.

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