RICH REVIEWS: Worlds End The Ashcan Volume One

Title: Worlds End The Ashcan Volume One
Publisher: Wizards Keep
Story/Art/Lettering/Logo Design/Graphic Design: Tim Perkins
Alien Graphic Symbols on Cover: Paul Finch
Fonts: Richard Starkings’ Comiccraft
Cover Art: Pencils/Colours Tim Perkins, Inks Joe Rubinstein
Back Cover Art: Pencils Tim Perkins
Pin-Up Artwork:
Insidious Times Art: Frank Zigarelliff
Manic Times Art: John Ridgeway
Idyllic Times Art: Frank Zigarelli
Worlds End Created by: Tim Perkins
Price: £1.50
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art comes across as cute and quaint. The backgrounds are magnificently done. The first person you see has lots of character in his face. Geek is a cute little creature.
After the short preview of the graphic novel, we are treated to a few pages introducing the characters in the book. Also, you get explanations The artwork on these pages is stunning. Even just the outlines look amazing.
There are some wonderful pin-up style pages filled with gorgeous art of characters from Worlds End. The colors are so beautifully done.
This Ashcan just offers a peek at what the graphic novel holds. From this preview, this is going to be one fun exciting adventure that will thrill readers who love a bit of magical excitement.

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