RICH REVIEWS: World of Archie Winter Annual Digest # 66

Title: World of Archie Winter Annual Digest # 66
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, Kathleen Webb
Pencils: Dan Parent, Stan Goldberg, Ruiz, Dan DeCarlo
Inks: Jim Amash, Rudy Lapick
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Barry Grossman, Gagliardo
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Stormy Weather” Pop Tate has customers who only think of themselves and it turns out he can be just like them.
“Cold Wash” Well Veronica and Betty both have a different way of looking at face washing’s with snow. Both though do end up enjoying them. They are fun to watch to especially seeing Veronica’s face covered in snow.
“Nothing To Sneeze At” When will Betty learn in the sexy department she can not compete with dear old Veronica Lodge. It is entertaining to see her show up Betty without even trying. That is the way the comic shows them but really Betty is just as gorgeous as Veronica.
“Snow Fun” Watching Archie having fun in the snow makes you wish you could be in his place. The art shows him off beautifully as he tries so hard.
“Ready For Something Different” Well there really is something different here. Bring your appetite. It will thank you.
“Power Lunch” Miss Beasley really does like to cook and she puts so much into it. She does the best she can with what she has. It is to bad she is not more appreciated. You might just feel a little sad for her.
“Don’t Quote Me!” The Bee has many many quotes to share with his students. The sayings do turn out to be as good as they sound and just as full of meaning.
“The Real Test” This story is filled with emotion. Jughead and Miss Grundy do have a great student/teacher relationship. This story will give you faith in teachers.
“Heads Up” Archie gets to play hero here. He always does the right thing when it counts. Archie is shown with a good and pure heart.
“Cold Cream” Archie can do anything when he sets his mind to it and when his unlucky luck holds up. Anything can happen with Archie and it is always so fun to see.
Winter time is still a great time to spend with Archie and his friends. In these and the other stories in this digest you will be kept warm and entertained.

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