Title: Woe Is Oz # 4
Publisher: Oz Entertainment
Illustrated and Designed by: Kelly Brown
Written by: Ethan Tarshish
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ozma is captive of an army of criminals. Ozma blames them for hurting her people when she was the one who surrendered without a fight. Is her character so naivete? For a Queen who has killed a witch this does not fit her personality. Is Ozma’s side really the one for good? Who are the evil ones?
The story jumps to a play in the real world and how is this connected to the rest of the story?
Having some questions and mysteries is fine but you do need to answer them as well. The story needs a direction where it is going and one that the reader can see and follow.
There is a lot of setting up for things to happen just some of these things need to start happening.
Ozma and the others are illustrated in a unique art style that does set them apart. It is a style that fits into this type of story.
The ending here is totally unexpected. It will have you wondering what is coming next?

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