Title: Woe Is Oz # 1
Publisher: Oz Entertainment
Illustrated and Designed by: Kelly Brown
Written by: Ethan Tarshish
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This version of Oz is looking different. Things seem darker. The architecture is amazingly designed. The structures have lots of detail and the style is unique.
The Winkies are on the attack.  Why though?
This issue does introduce you to some of the characters. Ozma we see briefly, Scarecrow is drawn and acts like a statesman, the Tin Man appears to be a soldier and fighter. His design is way different from the original film. He still though does carry a mean ax and does know how to use it. For a first issue this is done well enough but you are left wondering exactly what is going on and how all these people affect it. More of an explanation is needed but that may come in the coming issues.
Oz still looks wonderful and you will enjoy revisiting it or visiting it for the first time. You will love going on this adventure.

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