RICH REVIEWS: Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven # 2

Title: Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven # 2
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson
Artist: D’Israeli
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: D’Israeli
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Colonel Burke found something huge in a cave. What could this mysterious object be? So from this, the Foundry was founded.
in this issue, the story moves along slowly. Sir Edward Grey spends half the issue basically doing nothing. Then it is off on the adventure to solve a mystery with some help.
The Victorian setting looks awesome. Nice detail in the backgrounds and it is wonderfully colored. Sir Edward even has a Dr. Strange type window at his home.
The close up looks on a couple of the characters bring across the intensity of them.  Sir Edward is a man filled with strong emotions.
There are lots of hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian items throughout the book.
Now as you go through this issue the red marks on Sir Edward’s face from page to page disappear and come back. There is no reason for it so it looks like just an artistic mistake.
Sir Edward is a detective of skill yet even he can be taken by surprise.

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