RICH REVIEWS: Well, This Is Me

Title: Well, This Is Me
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author/Cartoonist: Asher Perlman
Price: $ 19.99 US, $ 26.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments:  “Introduction” Asher and why he got into comedy. You get two answers the long drawn-out one that in a way does make perfect sense and the short one-sentence one which makes sense as well.
“Well, This Is Work” The humor is delivered with subtility so it just creeps up on you and makes you smile. Some of the humor will scare you a little yet still make you chuckle. The twists on situations that he comes up with will surprise you.
“Well, This Is Play” The way Asher looks at real-life situations and turns them into humorous ones shows how intuitive he is. We have downtime for play and here Asher plays with it in various ways we spend it.
“Interlude” is A brief synapse as to why and how Asher is a cartoonist.
“Well, This Is Love” The ups and downs of being in love. Here we see a unique look at certain normal situations that will make you laugh. You will see humor in everyday events.
“Well, This Is Life” The way Asher looks at life is a funny take on the way people live. The meaning of life is not answered here but you will enjoy all these outlooks on a life done humorously.
“Epilogue” Here you get why this book was created.
This book has beautiful simple cartoons to illustrate the fun humorous outlook on Well Everything.

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