RICH REVIEWS: We’ll Return to Paris

Title: We’ll Return to Paris Volume One
Publisher: Hirukoa Comics
Written by: Jaume De Diego Galvany
Illustrated by: Xavier Tarrega
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The band is a group of five people. Frances, Charles, Max, Claudia, and Jean form this group. They are planning something. They are part of a resistance.
The art is dark and dingy. The people do not come across as interesting.
The way they talk is strange. It seems as if the grammar is incorrect. We learn very little about these people or the ones they are attacking. Then there is a big shootout between this group and the police with the bullets flying fast and furious.
Now as three members are on the run. They just drive and kill and drive. The more time you spend reading about them the more you get to know their personalities and find yourself starting to care about them.
This book takes a look at resistance fighters from a more realistic point of view. There is some action and excitement but for the most part, it is a tame story. The characters spend most of their time talking.
Jean and Claudia do end up making a nice couple.

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